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...Road Rage Rant 2.0

Everyday I want to have the powers like Jim Carey did in Bruce Almighty and just direct the cars on the road to get out of my way. So here are my issues today.

1. Shut up and drive
If you cannot multi-task then your ass doesn't need to be on your cell phone and drive. If holding the phone is the problem visit your local Wal-Mart and take your pick of the hands free ear pieces. If you can't work or don't understand how to work a hands free piece then you don't need a cell phone at all. That shyt is basic.

2. Move b!&@%...Get out the way.
If you're lost, pull over or get in the right lane. If you're out for a Sunday drive, get in the right lane. If you're not in a rush, get in the right lane. If you're not driving for a purpose, get the hell over. If there are two turning lanes, don't just fill up one so that the other is completely blocked off.'s not follow the leader!

3. Why does everyone wait until 10 min before 8 to decide to go to work???

4. I KNOW you see me!
I don't care how bad your eyes are you can see a person driving over 70mph barreling towards you. And you know what kind of speed you have in that piece of crap you are driving. If you have an option to pull out and get into another lane, then do so, just don't cut me off!!!!

5. McSimple
If you are in the drive through, and there are two boxes to order from, if one is off..i.e. the screen is's not on...pull up. Pay attention to the car in front. If they move. Easy!

And I'm sorry but I must address my SC people. How about you just stay off the road all together. It's obvious you don't know what you're doing.