An honest dialogue about love, life, and everything in-between...


Part of the definition of confession is to confess which is to disclose or admit something, often damaging or inconvenient.  It also means to acknowledge a belief or faith in something; to profess. Ever since I was a small child, I would write to express my anger, frustration, fears and all the other emotions I could not express verbally. This blog is a way to further express myself and my opinions.  In doing so I not only talk about topics and other people, but I reveal a bit of myself as well.


This word is often a talking point for people when they hear the name of my blog.  They often ask "Are you disillusioned?"  By definition, my answer is yes.  To be disillusioned means having lost one's ideals, illusions or false ideas about something; to be disenchanted.  Let's be honest, as you grow up all the fantasies, fairy tails, and ideals start to fade and reality hits.  Sometimes it hits very hard.  It's not to say that I'm always looking to the darker side of life.  I still have hope and faith.  I believe in people and the power of change.  However, to say that the current state of the world, people's ever increasing stupidity and the deterioration of our ideals and environment don't have me a bit disillusioned would be false.


I do my best to approach my topics from a universal standpoint.  I write about people and how we interact with each other.  I write the most about relationships; how we interact with each other.  That, in my opinion, is colorless.  But at the end of the day I have to acknowledge the fact that I am Black and that does shape how I view the world.

In general, what I say here is just my opinion.  Maybe I've expressed something you haven't been able to put into words yourself.  Maybe I've opened your mind to a new thought or idea.  Maybe you've been through similar experiences as I have and can relate to my issues, struggles and irritations. True understanding cannot begin until we start talking.  I just want to give us something good to talk about.


Days can be long and stressful. At the start of every week I think it's important to take time some time and breathe.  Laugh and the silliness.  Reminisce over simpler times.


Sadly, common courtesy, respect, and appropriate social behavior has taken a back seat to the selfish needs and wants of the individual.  While it's great to be focused on making yourself happy and gaining what it is you want, it can't always come at the expense of everything and everyone around you.  Acting Right aims to give helpful suggestions on how one should interact in several different social scenarios.


To put it simply, there are a lot of things going on out there that are just not ok. I must discuss them.