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...finally a working phone

As stated in a previous entry, I've been having issues with my phone. So I've traded in my Cingular 8125 for the iPhone. I've only had it for a few hours, but so far I am very impressed with the interface, graphics, and ease of use. I have been waiting for a phone that will sync to my Mac. Now I can fully enjoy the smart phone experience. The good thing too is they had a data plan that is the same price as the plan I had with my previous phone. So I shouldn't see a massive increase, in theory. The fact that it works off the Edge network concerns me. You know how those cell phone companies do with the fees. I also am not a fan of the preset ring tones. Perhaps I'll find it in my heart to pay for a ring tone. It would be advantageous of them to allow users to set a song from their music library as their tone. But we all know they're going to squeeze the last dollar out of us. Eventually I'll transfer all my old contacts to my phone. (If that thing can stay on for more than 20 min at a time). And I'll be good to go! Being one that usually has HORRIBLE buyer's remorse, I feel really good about this purchase. See me in a month we'll see how happy I stay.


Lawrenorder said...

It's about time you got that damned phone. I was beginning to get tired of hearing you whine about it. ;-) Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Cool, I heard they came down on the price(aren't you glad you waited) I forgot that you were ALL about the MAC, good luck with the contact tranferring! See ya soon.