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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


12:16 AM |

...this is art school damn it!

If I hear one more student tell me the reason they haven't been able to do their homework all quarter because they didn't have the book because they're too broke to buy it I'm going to drop kick them. This is art school damn it. There are going to be expenses. Hell, EVERY school has books. It's not an anomaly! School = Books. These are the same students that carry their Louis and Coach bags, drive their friends around in their brand new $45,000 cars (only to arrive late to school every day), and slow pimp it down the hall so their S. Carter jeans don't hit the floor. I bet if they needed to get to the mall and they had no car they'd figure out a way to get there. They can figure out how to bootleg programs, crack the security to get around the myspace block, but their dumb asses can't borrow a fucking book??? There are at least 3-4 sections of the class being taught at the same time. You mean to tell me in a school with less than 5,000 students (I almost dare to say less than 2,000 but that's neither here nor there), you can't find one other person you can borrow the book from? Perhaps the chic that sits beside you EVERY time the class meets and does her homework from that very same book before and after each class. A thought?? I've even given you the chapters that correspond to the book from last year. You mean to tell me you can't borrow one of those either???? I promise you one more person come to me with an "I can't afford a $5 print card to print my project I don't have money for a Flash drive and the computer got erased so I don't have my project and I don't have the book so I can't do my homework" story I'm coming out swinging like Ali! Rumble, young girl. Rumble!!!