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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On My Soapbox

My rants and thoughts at 1am...

This is my call to consciousness and responsibility.  YOU are NOT the victim of your circumstances. YOU are only a victim of your decisions. Your lot in life does NOT determine who you will be or where you will go. Your reaction to that lot will determine who you are and where you go. Your ability to make a choice cannot and will not ever be taken away from you. Your body may be restricted, but your mind will only be inhibited if you allow it. Even when people have no rights, no voice, no apparent hope, few or many decided that it was not acceptable...and they fought to change it. Others decided not to. In jail, where it seems that all your liberties and freedoms have been taken away from you, you have choices to make. You can get with the program and make your time productive for you or you can buck the system and spend your time fighting.  Even in death you have a decision to die screaming, crying, or at peace. Even if you are fortunate enough to pass in your sleep, you decide how you spend those last waking moments before your eyes close for the night. You decide.

EVERYONE, from the have's to the have not's, have things that come across their paths that could impede their progress, erode their spirit or assault their heart. The difference between those that make it and those that do not are the ones who decided not to let those 'things' have more of a say in their lives than their own mind.

So your father wasn't there, your mother was an addict, you were assaulted, you got shot, you lost some one dear to you...the list can go on and on. Life's hard. Some of you have truly gotten a raw deal and my heart just goes out to you.  BUT!  I'm so tired of hearing people say I couldn't because...I didn't because...I would have but...I was going to but... I understand. It hurts. It affects you deeply. Nothing I'm writing about is to try and belittle your experiences and your past. But what are you going to do now?

Some will say that it's not that simple.  I have to disagree. Either you like what you do, who you are and where you're going or you don't.  If you don't, you need to examine your life and figure out what needs to be changed and change it. If there are things you can't change or don't know how to change or fix on your own there are people, places, and things in place that have helped others make a change and can do the same for you.

There may be one way that it can't be done, but there are a million ways it can be done.  Pick one.

Now if you think I'm being insensitive to the horrors people experience on a daily basis or I'm unaware of how circumstances can affect the human psyche and spirit I can try and assure you that I'm not.  But then again, you think what you think..

I guess I'm just tired of people playing their own violins all the time.  Singing the same sad sob story. If you're not going to do anything about it, please SHUT UP.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ask Me Anything

Well my people, things have been a little slow lately.  I've been lacking a bit of inspiration.  Can't quite come up with things to talk about.  So many of my good sources have vanished.  Sure I've gotten a few tips, and suggestions and I've got them in my list to ponder about.  But in general, nothing's quite hit me.

So I've been racking my brain lately, trying to think of some things I need to talk about.  And I decided to bring back something I had a long time ago....Ask a Black Girl!

This is your opportunity to ask me ANYTHING.  I mean anything.  You can suggest topics I need to address.  Questions about men...questions about women...questions about dating and relationships. Whatever your hearts desire.  I'll give you my honest, unfiltered opinion like I've always done.  And if you're shy, you can ask me anonymously...I won't name names.  You can use this box (if you have formspring) below or just comment on this post.

So leave me a question.....what you wanna know???