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Thursday, November 10, 2005


2:15 PM |

So it's been awhile since I last wrote, but I just had to express how stupid the people are. Now while I love the city I live in, I saw the dumbest stories on the news last night.

First lets start off with the leading story for the evening. There is a man that is on "patrol" in one particular area dressed up as a police man. He primarly works in the area around this strip club (why am I not surprised). Not only is this man not a cop, HE'S A 7 TIME CONVICTED CRIMINAL!!!!! The icing on the cake.....he carries a gun! So, knowing this, and the man's full name and address he was arrested......AND LET OUT ON BOND! The thing the police stated they were most concerned about...."That he was not trained as a security guard/police man and he has a gun and that he may hurt himself". HIMSELF? What about us?!?!? The area he "patrols" is down the street from campus. How is he still wandering around? How was he even eligible for a bond??? This city (though I love it) has such an issue keeping repeat offenders locked up. There is no way in hell this man should be out of jail. I don't give a damn if his only crimes are stealing gum off the candy kiosk in the mall. 7 TIMES??? Career criminal with a policeman's uniform and a gun on the streets. Before they did a story on a man who keeps stealing stuff out of cars everytime he gets released from jail. IN THE SAME DAMN NEIGHBORHOOD! The neighbors don't even bother reporting all the burgleries because they know who it probably is and they know he just keeps coming back. Why is this allowed to happen?? What is going on here people???!???!??

And so now that I feel that the legal system here is partially incompetent (especially because they spend so much time tasering students fighting in the cafeteria and not enough time arresting real criminals) they have to go and show me how completely stupid they are. The very next story on the news was a report about the police departments newest wepon against crime......A CD! Ooooo I feel safe. What the hell is a CD supposed to do to fight crime? Am I supposed to take it out like a ninja star and throw it at my mugger? How is that a new weapon against crime? I got about 20 CD's in my car now. If I get pulled over will I get arrested for possession of concealed weapons? Let's try keeping the criminals behind bars. See what that does to your crime rate. IDIOTS.