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...please stop complaining about the cost of the iPhone

Since the release of this phone there has been a huge amount of complaining discussion about the cost of this phone. There seems to be some confusion. The iPhone is not a fancy version of an iPod. It's not a suped-up Mp3 player. It is a PDA phone. Think about it. All standard PDA phones have the same type of features that the iPhone is offering. And just like any phone you buy you will be required to have some type of cell phone contract. Even the sad little SmartPhone I got was around $400 when I bought it. Take the top 5 PDA phones according to C|Net:

Palm Treo 750 = $1042.97

Dopod 838 Pro =$962 - $962

Samsung BlackJack = $899.00

BlackBerry 8700 = $799.00

Nokia E61 = $749.00

With the current drop in price for the iPhone, there should no longer be a reason to cry about discuss the price of this phone. Those who bought early are getting a rebate. If you don't want to switch and pay the cost of a phone plan, then just get the new iPod touch. That's what most of you bandwagon jumpers wanted in iPhone for in the first place.