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I'm not a big gossip person but sometimes.....

The word is 50 has just laid down tracks for his I Get Money remix. Listeners can expect to hear guest verses from Jay-Z and Kanye. Some also say Diddy becuase Kanye may not be released to be on it. Last I heard it was 50, Jigga and the Louis Vuitton Don. Whoever is on it, let's just hope the lyrics dropped will be as 'money' as they claim to be.

The word is Raven Symone (from the Disney Channel's That's So Raven and Olivia from the Cosby Show for us Cosby Kids) is supposed to be having or had a baby. To add more spice, the gossipers are whispering that the baby's father is supposed to be either Omarion or Lil Fiz formly of B2K. Well after checking a bunch of sites, the overall result is this rumor is false. So all can let that lie go. Don't let the high school shows fool you, Ms. Raven is no longer little Olivia. She is 22 years old. So if she was to have a child, she's a very paid, quite grown ass woman. Also, back up off her and her weight bloggers! The world is not a size 2! Girls already have image issues, what's wrong with a role model that breaks the mold? I'm not a fan of the girl by any means, but she is a positive female role model to many young impressionable girls who don't know how to separate gossip from real news. Raven has managed to keep her personal life out of the media and all should respect that.

The word in the beauty shop is that Chris Brown and Gabrielle Union are dating. After doing a little digging, it appears that this rumor surfaced after a comment made in an issue of Giant magazine. Chris states in there something about her making him an indecent proposal. Is it true? Last I knew, Ms. Union was dating her old high school sweet heart, Jason Kidd. Who knows. Newly legal Brown is all over the place and is very much a self-proclaimed "girl crazy" kid. Honestly honey, you may be rather cute, but you're still a child. Please Believe!

The final word is a congratulations shout to my beautiful Common. He has become the first hip-hop artist to have his Finding Forever CD carried at Starbucks. Good way to reach a whole new section of The People.

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Yes I am telling. Never has there been a nastier place, than a woman's public restroom. Wonder why it takes women so long in the bathroom? It's because while we have to balance, and aim, we also have to avoid touching walls, pee on the floor, and rim (not to mention trying to put on make up and hold our purse because the counters are too wet and nasty to put it down). Being that we don't necessarily have to 'aim', you would think that there wouldn't be an overwhelming presence of piss on the floor. Or that with the typical woman's OCD regarding men's nastiness in the restroom, they would at least tidy up after themselves. O but you would be mistaken. Perhaps the issue lies with the hovering maneuvers. Being dressed up in those cute little outfits, stiletto heels, makes it a little hard to balance. However, without being too graphic, hovering would place any excess on the rim that could easily be cleaned up afterwards. There is NO excuse for being inconsiderate and just down right nasty. Flush bitches. Wipe up after yourselves. Soap and water were made to help rid you of bacteria and germs. Have faith in your immune system, and if you don't then keep your hypochondriac butt home. And to all those restaurant/bar/fast food workers and owners, please do a more frequent clean up of your facilities. If we all pitch in, using public restrooms can be a pleasant experience for all involved.

OH..and while I'm thinking about it. What is this?
And is it really necessary? Really? Really??

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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There has never been a creature that perplexes me as much as man. Not man in the human sense, but man as in men, boy, male. Now this is not a reflection on what men want, or what men are thinking. This is my amazement and my amusement to the extent of what men with do or deal with in respects to dating and women.

There is currently a show on BET (Black Exploitation Television) called Hell Date. For those not familiar with this show here's a brief synopsis: Men and women are set up on the blind date from hell. After going through unnecessary drama with an actor or actress playing the blind date, they are surprised at the end by a little person dressed up as a devil that says "You're on Hell Date". Yes I know, sorry, but let's stay on track.

I only have watched a few episodes and I have only found the ones involving the men as the prankees amusing. Why is it so amusing? Because men blatantly ignore all the signs that they are on a psycho date because the woman playing their date is beautiful. Case 1: Man is on a date with a woman he believes may possibly be a pre-op transsexual. Signs he notices but chooses to ignore: 1. Her sitting with her legs open in the car ride, scratching her clearly visible unmentionables. 2. Her trying on wigs in a wig shop with a crazy look in her eye chanting "I am a pretty girl" while gazing madly into the mirror. 3. A random man approaching her on the street calling her by a dudes name. 4. Her complaining about her nuts hurting after a horse back ride. Are these cues for the man to leave the date early? Captain Obvious says..."YOU ARE A MAN! A MAN! A MAN!!" But in the off side interviews, the man continues to say that he thinks she may be a he but he will ride the date out. I guess he's not sure. He doesn't get freaked out until the fake transsexual tries to hug him with with a massive hard on. THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES FOR YOU (a supposedly straight man) TO WANT TO RUN FOR THE HILLS???? His explanation at the end? Though he was suspicious, she was cute. *shaking head*

Case Number 2 (which by far has to be my favorite): Man on a date with a woman who may possibly be an infected 'woman of the night' know...'street walker'....'coochie for hire'. It's not the fact that the woman is pretending to be a prostitute. Nor is it that one of her usuals shows up on the date and they set up an obvious 'appointment'. It is the fact that she is clearing displaying signs that she either is infected, has been infected, or is just down right dirty. There's no need to point out signs. She's told dude, on a blind date mind you, that she's had many yeast infections (as well as other ones too). So much to the point she carries around ointment with her in her purse. She then proceeds to apply some type of ointment to her lips. I believe she stated it was for the infection. But gets better...She then proceeds to reach in between her legs (in the car) and begins to apply the ointment directly to 'the infected area'. Does this make the man jump from a moving vehicle? Nope. As a matter of fact he lets her spit on his neck and rub it in. Not on one side, but both sides of his neck. Does he hit the bitch in the throat? Nope. He decided to go to dinner and tell her then he doesn't think it'll work. But when she starts to allude to some EXTREME freaky stuff, he almost reconsiders fleeing. Explanation why? Uh...she was cute. (And by the way its the same girl in these two episodes, and really....she's not all that cute to be dealing with like that.)

There are other more real life examples I have seen being single and a teacher. However those real life examples of how beauty affects the brain can be applied to both men and women. Though mostly these days I'm seeing more young men get their heads spun around by crazy, 'pretty' girls. A young man letting a girl dump him, call the police on him, tell the entire student body that he beat her up, but then getting back together after months of insainity. An0ther who let his girl pull him into academic probation because she's got his nose so wide open he can't do his school work. Or even another who got a girl pregnant, married her, only to find out she was giving 'massages' while he was home taking care of the kids, supporting a household. Their rationale...usually involves, she was cute.

Gentlemen please. It's hard enough defending you to some of my man hating friends. Is there anything you won't do for a "pretty girl"? How far crazy does a chic have to be before you step back? I know the world can be a lonely place, but at some point self-preservation has to kick in. Both men and women need to set some higher standards for themselves. Exterior beauty fades. Crazy is forever.

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This was already pulled. But really. What were they thinking?

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Take a look at this editorial cartoon. It is old news I'm sure, but none the less it stirred up some controversy.So what is the problem here? Is it the depiction, once again, of black people killing other black people? Nah. Is it the imagery of kids living in violent conditions witnessing crimes of this nature?? No that's not it either. Wait maybe it's the attempt to blame rap music for violent crimes??? Hmm. Close? No...not quite. Or could it be the focus of the stop snitching culture that is filling our streets???? No, no, no. That's not it. It's the use of the word HO. OH! Silly me. That's what the True problem is. As if that is the main thing wrong with this image. Well according to the people that wrote in regarding this editorial cartoon to the offending paper, that was the problem with this image. I could see a problem arising if the use of the word was used in conjunction with imagery of black women or just women in general. However, it was not and to single out that one word as the main issue with this image, is to belittle all the other problems with this image. I really and truly believe that the reason we don't progress further as a people is because we are poorly choosing our battles. If we don't start becoming aware of what our real problems are we will continue to spin our wheels and never get any further than where we are right now.

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Watch your words

This morning I was on my way to work listening to one of the more popular radio stations here as I do every morning. I was excited because they were playing one of my favorite Kanye West songs "Through The Wire". Shortly after the song finished my excitement turned to anger and sadness. The DJ's were discussing the circumstances that led Kanye to write that song (his accident and his recovery from it, etc.). Then they proceeded to discuss an accident that happened over the weekend in a very nonchalant manner. The information they gave and the way they were describing the accident let me know that they were speaking of the accident that killed my friend. They were giving information about the accident that I didn't know. Knowing that the accident was bad enough to kill him and put his passenger in a coma is bad. Knowing the details about the accident are worse. Amongst the sideways comments about how stupid it was of him to be speeding and not wearing a seatbelt, and the very casual way they discussed the details of the accident I was upset. I know that it was not their intention to seem callous and disrespectful, but that is how they came off. However, with the accident being as recent and local, they should have taken into account that someone who knew the victims would be listening. And with the amount of information they gave it was easy to figure out what accident they were referring to. I know that I wasn't the only one listening this morning and I just hope that those who were closer to him weren't listening. I can only imagine what they would have felt.

Always be aware of what you are saying. You never know who is listening.

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When will the roll call for heaven come

Sunrise and sunset. Left and Right. Hot and Cold. Summer and Winter. Young and Old. Day and Night. Life and Death. Yin and Yang. The constant push and pull of life is what keeps everything in balance. One with out the other and neither would hold any value. In a weekend I found myself marveling at the fact that one of my best friends has managed to bring a new life into the world with her husband after many attempts. Amazed by how her mother's body and time in the womb managed to heal the hole that was spotted developing in her tiny heart during one of the earlier ultrasounds. And while I was happy and enjoying how amazing life is, I am now finding myself mourning over the loss of a friend. The friend wasn't a very close one. However we were family by letters. He was close to all around me and thus, in a way, became close to me. While only a few tear drops have managed to escape my eyes today, I am torn apart on the inside. I cry over his untimely passing. He was barley 26. I cry for my friend who has lost his father, and two dear friends in the course of one year. I cry for my brother who has lost a lb and a best friend within the span of 5 months. I cry for my sister who has to be strong for her man, when I know she's dying inside.

As fast as life begins it ends almost even faster. Day after day I find myself just doing nothing. Wasting time. With the knowledge of the fact that my existence can be snatched away in an instant. Many of us do that. But like the yin and the yang we have to find a balance. Find time to stop and smell the roses, while moving and reaching, pushing farther to make this life mean something. We all know that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. I guess it takes actually seeing it happen to really make that statement hit home. But it has to be more than a "damn" moment. At what point do we all stand up and try to make each day count. I don't know. I've lost many people in my life and while I've managed to accomplish a lot, I'm no where near where I want to be. I can be taking advantage of every day more than I do right now.

To my friends I know it hurts. But while their deaths may not seem purposeful, their lives were. And unfortunately it seems that we only see the value a life has when its light has been extinguished. Enjoy the memories you have with them. Miss them whole heartedly. Tell everyone, every day what they mean to you. Don't take any moment, hardship, success, or failure for granted. Try and find forever, as Common says. Live. Love. And as corny as it may sound, Cherish Life.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Go-Go Gadget Gospel

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I can honestly say that there are few artist and videos that really catch me by surprise. You know, make me say........Whhhat? But I must say that Gnarls Barkley has managed me to say what on more that one occasions. The video for Crazy was inspiring. The video for Go-Go Gadget Gospel is......odd. But I like it. he said, he's free. Do you kid.

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August 26, 2007

This year marks the 10th year that the Black August Hip-Hop project is holding a benefit concert to help Political Prisoners, presented by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. Acts like Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, and Mos Def are slated to perform. For more info on this visit The Black August Hip-Hop Project.


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Lesson 2 - Defense

Ok Ladies. It's time now to study the defense. Basically the main job of the defense is to keep the team on offense from scoring. So let's get to the position explanations.

Defensive End
A defensive player who lines up at the end of the defensive line. The job of the defensive end is to contain the running back on running plays to the outside, and rush the quarterback on passing plays.
Translation: Guys who hits the guys who throw and run with the ball.

Defensive Tackle
A defensive player who lines up on the interior of the defensive line. The duties of a defensive tackle include stopping the running back on running plays, getting pressure up the middle on passing plays, and occupying blockers so the linebackers can roam free.
Translation: Guys who hit the guy who runs with the ball, especially when they are running in the middle. They also hold back the big guys on the other team.

Nose Tackle

The defensive player who lines up directly across from the center. Also known as:the nose guard, the primary responsibilities of the nose tackle are to stop the run and occupy the offensive lineman to keep them from blocking the linebackers.
Translation: He tries to keep the guy from running with the ball. He also helps hold back the big guys on the other team.

A defensive player who lines up behind th
e defensive linemen and in front of the defensive backfield. The linebackers are a team's second line of defense. Each team has two outside linebackers. In a 4-3 defense, teams have one inside linebacker, usually referred to as a middle linebacker. In a 3-4 defense teams have two inside linebackers.
Translation: They are the really big guys on the team that hit people on the other team.

A defensive back who generally lines up on the outside of the formation and is usually assigned to cover a wide receiver.
Translation: They are the fast guys on the outside that try to catch the guy that runs with the ball.

A defensive back who lines up in the secondary between, but generally deeper than the cornerbacks. His primary duties include helping the cornerbacks in pass coverage.
Translation: They are the other fast guys far back on the outside that try to catch the guy that runs with the ball.

So that covers the defense. Next time we'll explore Special Teams. And with that I have no more beauty shots, so I'll just leave you with players doing their thing.
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Friday, August 17, 2007


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According to, Mr. Shawn Carter, tops their "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list at number one based on his 2006 income alone. He has banked $34 million with his Kingdom Come album sales, his part ownership of the New Jersey Nets, and his endorsements with Budweiser, Hewlett-Packard and General Motors among other ventures. A close second is Mr. I Get Money himself, 50 Cent, who went straight to the bank with $32 million last year (not really sure how is Vitamin Water earnings factor into that number). In third is the man with 1,000 names, but we'll just call him Sean Combs. He earned an estimated $28 million last year. Some others that made the list were Timbaland ($21 million), Scott Storch ($17 million) and Pharrell Williams ($17 million). Read the full article. Or for those of you who don't read, watch the video.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


After having conversations with one of my good friends, Ms. Wonder Woman, I am often finding myself discussing various social issues, the overwhelming presence of stupidity, and common sense and the lack there of. In the midst of this conversation I wandered onto YouTube. There are some people out there that are being creative in a manner that I feel can really connect with people and, if given the right context and outlet, can shine a light on many of the issues facing Black people. I decided to share my favorites I've seen in the last few weeks. However being that the videos I've chosen to display below speak to certain social and racial issues, some people have been offended by it. Posting them here is not meant to offend anyone. But in order for real change to happen people really have to stop being so damn sensitive and be honest about the problems that are still playing out daily.

With that said, bring on the videos. They are not heavy, which is why I feel they are a great example of how you can be creative and affect change with out depressing the people. It's also important to note that none of these videos point fingers. Instead they just bring awareness to the issues they've decided to show. Watch closely and pay attention to the sounds and the visuals. Some correlate in a very striking way.

READ A BOOK: Warning Explicit Lyrics



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Thursday, August 9, 2007


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Football 101 for women...Part I

Well ladies, it's that time of year again. The time when 99.9% of you lose your man to Football and Sports Center. Instead sending your man running, screaming into the night to the nearest sports bar with your questions and mindless chatter during the game (trust me your man could care less about what you have to say when his favorite team is 4th and inches away from winning the game in the last 2 minutes), why not try and learn a little about it. It's a really entertaining game when you know what's going on. So I thought I would attempt to give you a little information to help you be able to enjoy a nice game with your man every once in a while. I mean what man doesn't like a girl who has a healthy appreciation for sports? Picture bring him a nice cold beer (and you can have one yourself if you get down like that)...snuggle up on the couch on a Sunday afternoon while watching the game. His head nestled on your chest.....need I go on?

So we'll just start with the basics. This one will just start you off with who does what on the team. Each team is composed of an offense, a defense and special teams. Let's start with the offense. The offense are the main guys in charge of scoring. The offense is made up of these guys:


The player who receives the ball from the center at the start of each play before either handing it to the running back, throwing it to a receiver, or running with it himself. The quarterback is usually the player in charge of running the offense on the field. He is also the guy that usually informs the offense of the play while in the huddle.
Translation: He's the one who throws the ball.

An offensive player who lines up in the backfield and generally is responsible for carrying the ball on run plays. A halfback's primary role is to run with the football, he is also used as a receiver at times.
Translation: Usually if they don't throw the ball, he's one of the guys who runs with the ball.

An offensive player who lines up in the offensive backfield and generally is responsible for run-blocking for the halfback and pass-blocking for the quarterback. Fullbacks are usually bigger than halfbacks, and also serve as short-yardage runners.
Translation: He's the one keeps those guys on other team from hitting the guy who runs with and throws the ball.

Wide Receiver
An offensive player who lines up on or near the line of scrimmage, but split to the outside. His primary job is to catch passes from the quarterback.
Translation: He's the guy who catches the ball when the other guy throws it. He runs a lot.

Tight End
An offensive player who serves as a receiver and also a blocker. The tight end lines up beside the offensive tackle either to the right or to the left of the quarterback.
Translation: He's one of the guys that keeps the other team from hitting the guy who runs with the ball. He may catch the ball sometimes too.

Offensive Tackle
A member of the offensive line. There are two tackles on every play, and they line up on the outside of the offensive guards.
Translation: They are the guys on the field who hits the guys on the other team.

Offensive Guard
A member of the offensive line. There are two guards on every play, and they line up on either side of the offensive center.
Translation: They are the other guys on the field who hits the guys on the other team.

The offensive lineman who hikes (or snaps) the ball to the quarterback at the start of each play. The center lines up in the middle of the offensive line, between the offensive guards.
Translation: He is the guy with the ball between his legs that gives the ball to the guy that throws the ball.

Any questions? This should be a good start. Next time we'll cover the defense. And if this doesn't inspire learn a little more about football, try these:

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


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Just a small plea. Please. Pull up your pants. Why do I want to see your drawers? The answer is I don't. There is nothing attractive about underwear bubbling over the top of your pants. Not boxers. Not tidy-whiteys. And if you go commando....PLEASE.....wear a BELT! There is no need to have the crotch of your pants at your knees. Trust and believe that NO woman believes your boys are hanging that low. It's not to say that you have to go around with your pants around your ears, however, there is a little thing called fit. Do you realize how good men look in clothes that fit? That appear specially tailored to their bodies? Not just suits and dress clothes. All clothes. Clothes that are too big only dwarf you. Make you look short and stocky, fat, and immature. Like a great majority of fashion trends this one originated supposedly in prison. Prisoners wear it low because they are not allowed belts to prevent suicide and murder. Men in prison also wear their pants low supposedly to signify them being spoken for. Taken. Easy access. Get it? Is that really what you're trying to portray? Really? So please. All men. Keep them up. Invest in a belt that actually fits your waist and not your knees.

And I'm sure you already just NIGGAS spelled backwards. Get your mind right.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Definition of Freestyle

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I am drawn to attempt to explain exactly WHAT the word "Freestlye" means. There seems to be much confusion and bastardization of the word lately, so I feel it is my responsibility as a lover of Hip-Hop music to explain the word.

Wikipedia has the word defined as:


improvisational form of rapping, performed with few or no previously composed lyrics, which is said to reflect a direct mapping of the mental state and performing situation of the artist. It is non-scripted, non-rehearsed, uncut, and the rawest form of hip-hop. Artists will often refer to places and objects in their immediate setting. Freestyle rapping forces an individual to think on the spot, describe his or her surroundings, and, to a certain degree, rap uncensored from what is inside. It is similar in this sense to improvisational music or acting and draws comparisons to improvisational Jazz in particular.

So in other words, if you write your verses, your entire song, and spit it acapella or over a beat given to you by a DJ...YOU ARE NOT perping b!%@% a$$! It is bad enough that the children do know what true Hip-Hop is, we do not have to further destroy the fabric of the music.

There should be no questions about what freestyling is or variations on the way you define what it is. IT is what IT is. Understand! Good!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The JENA 6

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This is a very messed up incident. Watch the clip below and get involved. This will only stop once enough people make enough noise. Don't let this and other incidents like this be silenced.

Finally some ounce of word on the new season of The Boondocks. For those who are unaware, The Boondocks is a cartoon series brought to us via Aaron McGruder. I began reading it when it was in its comic form. Cartoon Network brought it to television through Adult Swim. Since an animated series takes longer to turn around than a comic strip, the content is not as directed to specific political and social issues. However it still covers broader and longer standing issues and is just as socially conscious, politically incorrect, sometimes offensive, and absolutely hilarious as the strip.

Adult Swim has ordered 20 more episodes for season 2. Which was smart of them considering its season 1 debut was the highest ranked series premier in Adult Swim history. It was originally supposed to air in June of this year but, like season 1, was pushed back....all the way to October. Let's just hope they don't push it back to November for sweeps again. This season is supposedly lined with more action sequences. Probably due to production from the Japanese based animation studio Madhouse (fyi the site is in Japanese). There are also supposed to be introducing more characters from the comic strip. I've only heard about the addition of Cindy McPhearson. Sadly once again...NO CAESAR!! I don't really know why they are holding on to his release. Perhaps it's because, in my opinion, he mellows Huey out a little. Either way they have an idea that this series will be around for a while, so my hope is they don't wait too long. Most other sites have listed some of the episodes, some spoilers, but I won't do that here. I'll just post this preview for your enjoyment. Can't wait until October!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


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If you are a person in the know, then you know you need to have bookmarked and in your favorites. It is a webzine that has been the brain child of my good friend Elizabeth Jackson for years now that is finally really coming to life. She is a woman on the move and she has dedicated her webzine to bringing you what is current, and what is up in coming. With information on everything from food to fashion, to high profile vacations, this on line magazine is your virtual ear to the street. Visit the site. It has excellent articles and keep a look out for her. Ms. Jackson is really doing big things!

Thanks to the amazing purchasing with out a job ability of my youngest sister, I'm listening to the much awaited Finding Forever. This album comes on the heels of the highly acclaimed BE which basically raised Common as a hot "new" artist for the MTV crowd. I will say that I have a bias. I have loved this man and his music since forever, even through his "crochet sweater" Electric Circus phase. I'm trying to objectively listen to the album to really see if Common has managed to maintain or improve upon what he has done on BE .

Though I often worry about the potential sell out of artist who get commercial success, I am happy that Common is finally getting some real shine. He has managed to stay true to his style, and his art, and his beliefs and has yet again released an album that reflects them. Amidst the beats submitted by the likes of the late J. Dilla, Will.I.Am and hip-hop's self-proclaimed Louie Vuitton Don Kanye West, Common delivers intelligent lyrics in his trademark unforced, eloquent style.

The album opens with what sounds like a throw back to his Electric Circus days. But don't fear Common fans, it barely 2 min long and blends seamlessly into the first track. The album ends with more beautiful words from his old man. There is even a track that features the much missed neo-soul's thug, D'Angelo. Lilly Allen and his P.I.C. Mr. West also visit a few of the album's tracks. The album is not over saturated with monotonous tracks. Nor is it so deprived of tracks it leaves me wondering why he wasted materials on the production of the album. Each flow seamlessly into one another, and as I listen it's seemingly over just a quickly as it's started (though almost 2 hours have passed), leaving me to return to track one and listen all over again. He tells stories, calls people out, and just speaks to the people. And this is as specific as I'm going to go. Common says a lot on this album. Listen carefully.

Overall this album is a lesson in consistency. Some may thumb their noses at consistency. Why? If you are confident and know who you are, why is it necessary to experiment with superficial trends and styles? How do you create a core audience, gather and maintain a faithful fan base if you are always changing what you're doing? I say consistency is a sign that an artist has truly found his voice. Common is who he is. He took sometime, found his voice again, and he's staying true to himself. He has made it based on a chemist like combination of valuable lyrics, and ingenious beats. I have listened to this album twice since I began writing this and I would like to start the CD again. Good job Common and the G.O.O.D. Music family. Keep it coming!