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...the discussion rages on

The wonderful voice of the Black people (please read with sarcasm), BET is hosting a 3 part Town Hall Meeting discussing the current issues concerning the state of Hip-Hop. Of course the usual topics are slated to be discussed: the streets, snitching, police profiling and brutality; the images of Black women in hip-hop; and the embarrassment, pride and confusion Blacks feel over hip-hop's public airing of the community's "dirty laundry." It is to include opinons of Hip-Hop artists, journalists, filmmakers, former video vixens, music video directors and more. The first of the three parts series is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, September 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. It is always interesting to hear opinions, especially of people that are in some form or fashion leaders of our community. (I'm not saying that anyone on this panel are leaders in my eyes, but sadly they are in some form representing the people). However well all know opinions are like........everybody's got one.