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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Train of Thought

12:59 PM |

Let's ride this out together...shall we?

So I sit down at my desk in front of this salad I'm about to destroy for lunch and begin going through my normal fast-food-bought-salad rituals.  First look for a sell by time stamp, remove the tomatoes, and begin to painstakingly remove all the bits of shredded carrots that I can conceivably and inconceivably get my fingers on.  What's left is a pile of multicolored leaves.

And I begin to think..

Who was the first person to actually decided to start munching on the random vegetation that's out there in the wilderness - because let's be honest in the beginning it was all wilderness.  Imagine just wandering in the woods, feeling hungry and saying 'hey...those leaves on that there bush sure do look yummy'.

Better yet, how many people died from eating the wrong kind of leaf?


I can see experimenting with the leaves that you see cause they are in your face of course. Just right there. But who's bright idea was it to pick up one of those piles of leaves, pull it out of the ground and decide to eat the root? Who discovered there were carrots in those there dirt mounds?

Needless to say this prompted a quick search on the Google and I found that apparently it's not 100% known.  But they believe the cultivating carrots originated in Afghanistan in the 900s.  Or even somewhere around Turkey.  Those were the first ones with purple or yellow roots.  That is at least according to the good people at (

Anyway.  There my train stopped. Hope you enjoyed your journey through my mind at lunch.  Be careful when exiting off the train onto the platform.

This is why I shouldn't be left alone with my thoughts.  I never get anything done....