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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Moment of Simple

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Poor orange....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Thought

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Leave Nothing

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Nike's new campaign...

I can't honestly tell you what it is about these commercials, but by far, they are the most compelling commercials to me on TV right now. There are a few others as a part of this campaign, but this one entitled "Fate" is really striking. Perhaps it's the music, perhaps it's the great way they have shot and edited this promo, like I said I don't know. But I love it. Makes me tingle inside. Love this game!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

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The thrill of the chase...

It's often said that the nature of man is to be the hunter. They thrive off the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction over their metaphorical capture. It is also often said that women like to be the hunted. To be perused is often linked to feeling of being desired or wanted. So for eons man and woman have been engaged in this never ending cat and mouse game. However with the changes in society men have started to become the hunted and women the hunter. With this reversal of roles I began to wonder how important it is for men to pursue a woman.

I know that most "liberated" males will say that they have no problem with a woman approaching them. That's all well in good but what I am wondering how many still enjoy the pursuit. Does it take away from the appeal of a woman if she is upfront? Not skanky and putting her tits on the table within the first minute. But truly honest and open about her intentions. Is it better for women to play coy? Play shy, play it cool, appear mysterious. Does that make the desire to be with her increase? Is the thought of the unknown appealing?

I'm not a man so I can't answer these questions. But I would think that in some instances it's great for a woman to be up front. Put it out there, no games, no assumptions. Being a pretty blunt female I often wonder if my frankness is a turn off. But I'm also not one who puts it all out there either. I have layers. But how hard is too hard? That said, I would also think that some sense of mystery would be appealing as well, almost making it a bit more exciting and "rewarding" so to speak when the challenge is won. I mean if it's easy is it really worth it? The questions...the questions....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Thought

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The State of the Union

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Thoughts from the disillusioned one...

As I sit in the encroachment of what is surely the most important election of my generation, I am not filled with the sense of hope or excitement, but fear. There have been many chances where the American people were able to act and decide on the fate of the nation, and many times, the people have chosen poorly. But this is not a statement about the vote and who to vote for. To be completely honest, majority of us eligible voters are so caught up in outdated bipartisan bullshit that no one is open to even considering options, differences of opinion or compromises. But I digress.

My fear lies in the unraveling I am witnessing. It begins with the fear of a depression and the horrifying reality that our riches are built on bad loans and unpaid debts to foreign countries who quite frankly can't stand us and our projected/perceived values. It transitions into uncertainty about the elected. The people, aside from the president, we have apparently elected have made piss poor decisions. Because truthfully the president can put many bone headed plans out there but it's up to our representatives to say yay or nay. It ends when negativity and the hatred that had been so neatly tucked under bow ties, and girdles, begins to poke the sides of the nation.

What concerns me the most is the overwhelming frenzy I feel bubbling just underneath the surface. The people of this "great" nation are so easily swayed by scare tactics, and buzz words that they are quick to jump, scream, and riot over causes and ideologies they know nothing about. So quick to make decisions because someone else says it's the right thing to do, that you don't even bother checking the facts. Hearing only what you want to hear because to hear anything else would be too disheartening.

But you can't really fault the people. Unfortunately there are no open unbiased sources of information. TV news networks, papers, national and local magazines all have an agenda. And the internet, well...we all know what they say about opinions...

So what are we to do?

Educate our selves. Find a reason to vote for your candidate. Come with something better than some canned bullshit and black pride fantasies. Read damnit. Not only internet blogs, but papers, books and magazines. Compare information. Read data and statistics. Look for information and make your own decisions. Listen, you'll be surprised what you hear. Take time to think about your impending actions. Stop charging! Shit. If you can't afford it, save, or learn enough to borrow responsibly. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing! It's unfortunate that we have had our rose colored glasses shattered. However it is time for our pubescent country to begin to grow the fuck up.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Not Like Me

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A bit of poetry....

I am not that chic
That's not me you see
When your watching the tv
No brown hued cuties
'Cept in the videos poppin their booties
Letting them niggas make it rain
And for a little bit of change
They'll do something strange.
I am not that chic.

When you're flippin through your favorite magazine
Look through the pages you won't see me.
Not without an 18in yakky weave
Or bald headed and so ethnic I'm damn near ugly.
Or maybe rockin my natural with the soul power glow
Or dreaded up 'cause I gotta let my afro-centricity show.
Too dark to be average so what else can I be?
That's not me you see.

When I am remotely represented
Successful, ambitious and self-respecting
I'm branded as a bitch, constantly engaged in male bashing
I am a spinster, a prude, somewhere out there causing drama
Or an under cover freak sexin you, your daddy and your mama.

So if I look at you in disbelief
Or smile back awkwardly
It's not that I don't believe your compliment
I just can't believe you think that of me
With all the fallacies,
Doctored Imagery,
And embedded perceptions of beauty.
It's hard to believe you'd like anything
Other than
What's not

Friday, October 3, 2008


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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Thought

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Taking time to look back...

It's always been said that there is no need to dwell in the past. It's important that we look towards the future and live in the now. I agree. There is no need to dwell in the past because if you're always focused on what's in your rear-view mirror, you eventually run off the road. But I think our tendency to try and forget or negate the past leads to many of our misfortunes in our present and future.

I guess part of this is inspired from watching the VH1 countdown of the greatest Hip-Hop songs (note clicking on that link will show the whole list and the series isn't over until sometime this weekend. So if you're like me and were waiting to see what the countdown holds DON'T CLICK IT YET!!! It will ruin it for you). I started reminiscing with the music and remembering how I was, what I wanted to do, what I was striving to be, etc. Back when I felt that I could do almost anything. There's a lot about that girl I'm glad I grew out of. Yet, there's a lot of characteristics of that girl I used to be that I wish I possessed as the woman I am now. And just when I think that girl is dead and gone, someone, something, some sound comes along and revives her in me. Her heart beat is faint but she's there.

I think in the daily shuffle of life you tend to forget what you're out here doing and why. You loose sight of your dreams, hopes and goals or they get so modified by the mere need to survive that they are hardly recognizable anymore. Almost making your own reflection a stranger to you in the mirror every morning. I think that it's important that every so often you take the time to look in that rear-view mirror. Remember where you come from, what you're trying to do, who you are. If nothing else to remind you of where you've been and to help you remember why you are moving forward in the first place.