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..Too Long For A Random Thought

Is there? This question presented itself in a song on a tv show I was watching today. Some may quickly answer yes. I think we all would like to believe that everyone has a soul mate. That there is that one person out there that will match you completely. How are you supposed to find that 'one' person? The worlds population right now is 6,602,224,175. In the US it is 301,139,947. Amongst a vast array of people I'm supposed to believe that there is that one perfect one? I'm not sure.

I don't think a lot of people will find their soul mate because most don't know their souls. So many people these days try and find someone to complete them. Trying to find one person to cement over the holes they have in their life. By doing so, they often end up trying to make that person be what they 'need' them to be instead of looking at their partner for who they actually are. You can't expect someone to make you whole.

Others I think just settle for what they have right now because they are too caught up in the societal constraints put on love and relationships. The world tells you marriage is supposed to happen at a specific time. Children happen at another time. If you are not on that path in the time assigned by society you feel like you have missed something. Or you worry that you are getting too old so you have to go ahead and take what's in front of you right now. Settling and compromising are two different things. I don't feel you should ever have to settle and if you are compromising on the things that you want in your relationship, it's on small things like he may wear Curve when the man you envisioned to marry would wear Hugo Boss.

In summary, with the vast population I am unsure that there will be a soul mate to be found, or that will find me. But I'm not going to be looking for anyone to fill holes in my life. Nor will I be settling. Hopefully I'll meet that person with whom I can build an empire with. So what was the point of all this. I guess there isn't any. I was just thinking in type.


Lawrenorder said...

Relationships are bogus attempts at not being 100% responsible for your own pitiful life. As such, split the blame!

I just don't think people having to be around is such a great idea. Free will (i.e. I want to be around you) can be accomplished through so many other ways that doesn't require them to be "in a relationship."

Ending comment: Relationships are whack! And "feelings" are lame!