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...tryin to make a dollar out of 50 cent

During my excursion home, I got a chance to get my ears on the official I Get Money Remix. 50 got together the men that made up the Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings list with their earnings from 2006: Jay-Z and P. Diddy to create the Billion Dollar Remix. Needless to say I was thoroughly disappointed. If ever there was a chance for men to be extra braggy about the things they got, can get, and have, this was it. I was looking forward to the cockiness, and male bravado that the song warranted. What I got was washed out lyrics and botched attempts at grandeur. 50 came with a decent verse, however he could have just copied and pasted in the first verse of the original instead and he would have added a few points to the quality of the song. I wasn't expecting much from Diddy. Diddy is cockier in his silence than he was on this track. He also better be thankful for double jeopardy as he confessed to committing the shooting that landed Shyne in jail and almost destroyed Jennifer Lopez's career. "Shoot-outs, costal beefs, yeah Diddy did it. But my lawyers so good that Diddy got acquitted." Way to look like an a$$ there Mr. Combs. Jay by far came off the saddest, spitting lyrics that stated his checks may bounce and sounding like Beyonce's b!%@#. Sound harsh? Sorry.

I've read some articles that really praise the track. Honestly, stop lying to yourself. I know how you feel. I wanted this track to be fire, but it just wasn't. Don't mis-read my interpretation of the situation as me hating. Perhaps repeated listening will help change my opinion. I have much respect for each of these gentlemen. But if you're going to do it, do it right.

..Judge for yourself...