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...cause we don't read the newspaper!

It would be nice to see something on TV news other than CONSTANT coverage of this OJ bullshyt. Why not cover stuff that really matters? Like..

Six West Virginia residents have been charged with kidnapping, torturing and sexually assaulting a Charleston woman for at least a week. The woman was only 23 years old and because she was black and her torturers were white, the FBI plans to investigate it as a possible hate crime. Thanks to brooklynsarah for telling me about this one.

As far as the Jena 6 case in LA, the judge has thrown out the charges on Michael Bell. He was supposed to face sentencing September 20. The rally scheduled for this date is still scheduled to go on as planned. The other 5 are still facing charges. Two of the six will also face reduced charges. But the other three still face attempted murder charges. The has created a petition to force the Governor of Louisiana to intervene. It also calls for an investigation into the conduct of District Attorney Reed Walters.

Perhaps the reason real news isn't on TV is because that would begin to make people accountable for their actions. It would cause actual mental stimulation that may make people begin to develop informed opinions. Maybe I need to start to read the newspapers, digging deeper into the blogs and web news. Maybe I won't. I don't need any further confirmation that stupidity is at pandemic proportions. Daily life is infuriating enough.


Anonymous said...

I say stick to Good Morning America. I get all my info from them. LOL I love Robin Roberts! But seriously - I heard about the woman in West Virginia on GMA.

And I spend about 30 minutes in the morning reading the paper online. Yeah, I know I have work to do but who cares? I'm trying to stay in the loop. lolol