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Once again my phone is dead. Over the past week it has worked for 2 days and not worked for 2 days. Off and on it's been like this since last Sunday. My good ol Cingular 8125 will not turn on at all right now. I was already having issues with the battery barley making it through one 15 min phone conversation. Now it appears that it's just said f^@k you lady, I won't work at all. Apparently the battery issues is a problem with this phone. I've read other's blogs who complain of battery issues. I am way beyond my return period. So now I must find a way to shell out another couple hundred to get another phone because I am not in a position to renew my contract, so even if I get a regular phone I'll be paying a lot for it. I think I remember hearing that this phone was created for Cingular by Motorola. I am not totally sure, but if it is I will have to add that to the list of my dead Motorola phones. I have had 3 Motorola phones previously and they all craped out on me. I can promise this, they will not get me to get another phone by them, I don't care how much I may want it.


Tony Stark said...

The phone I have like that doesn't work all of a sudden either.

Lawrenorder said...

Hello iPhone!
Or, Siemens makes decent phones. I had my for almost 4 years before I dropped it 1 too many times. (I miss that phone. It ROCKED!)