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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Memories of Fine

2:47 AM |

I miss fine.
I'm not talking about the super model, actor, musician kind of fine.
Not the manufactured for our viewing pleasure kind of fine.
I mean the every day kind of fine.
The walk down the street turn your head kind of fine.
The driver in the next car over deep sigh kind of fine.
The cutie in the grocery store silent "damn" kind of fine.
You remember that?
The make your stomach hit your feet kind of fine.
The stop all conversation and action kind of fine.
The take your breath away as they pass kind of fine.
The damn near walk into the wall cause you're staring too hard kind of fine.
I'm talking about that.
The almost pass out from the eye contact with that kind of fine.
The heart racing, beating out of your chest that kind of fine.
The your fine status increasing with that kind of fine on your arm kind of fine.
It's been a while since I've seen that.
I'm no longer sure of the existence of that kind of fine.
Been in the grocery store, no longer running into that kind of fine.
On my trips down the highways and bi-ways I no longer drive pass that kind of fine.
The mall these days only have the illegal minor kind of fine.
And that's not that kind of fine I'm looking for.
Where'd you go fine?
Have you turned into the I'm already taken kind of fine?
The I got nothing going for me but my looks kind of fine?
The I'm cute but I'm a jack-ass kind of fine?
Maybe my kind of fine still exists.
Perhaps you need more in my eyes to be that kind of fine.
Need to be employed and self-sufficient to qualify to be that kind of fine.
The intelligent mind to go along with that body kind of fine.
The I know how and when to speak properly kind of fine.
That must be it.
I must have more qualifications that make someone that kind of fine.
But every now and then, it wouldn't hurt to walk past a "damn" kind of fine.
The butterflies in your stomach kind of fine.
The I don't care what your name is just kiss me kind of fine.
We don't have to get married.
I just like to look at fine.
It makes my day a bit brighter to see that kind of fine.
Puts a smile on my face when I pass that kind of fine.
Gives me hope that I may one day get that kind of fine.
Come back to me fine.
I miss you.


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