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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moment of Simple

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Time

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Too busy for everything?

So often I hear complaints about how the person they are interested in is always busy or doesn't have time to call, come over, etc. Listen...

I personally believe that's a cop out. Think about all of the things you make time for during the day. There is always time to send a text, or make a quick phone call to let the person you are interested know they are on your mind. The same way you schedule meetings you should be able to schedule time to hang out with that person. Sure you may not be able to have dinner with this person every night, but if you are really digging someone, you should take the time to let them know that they are still important to you even when you are busy.

The problem is, most people feel like you have to spend 24 hours a day with a person, have 4 hour conversations, be in contact all the time, know every single thing the other person is doing, etc. in order to make a relationship flourish and that's not the case. In the end people just want to know that they are thought about, that they are appreciated, that they are loved, and the amount of TIME you spend with a person has nothing to do with making them feel that way.

The only people in my opinion who don't have any control over their time are those in the military. Even then, those who are apart from their loved ones find time to write letters, make them the first people you call when you get a chance, and come see you when they are on leave.

To say you are too busy to call, or you don't have time to hang out means that you are truly not interested in the other person, in my opinion. That or that person isn't really a priority for you right now. If that's the case then just put it out there. It may seem harsh but saying you've been too busy is just crap.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Acting Right

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Bathroom Protocol (For women)...

I've heard stories of appropriate bathroom etiquette for men, such as rules governing use of the urinal, making eye contact, looking, etc. I believe it is important for women to also have a set of rules governing what is and is not appropriate public restroom behavior. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using the women's public restroom (without giving away too many secrets or being too gross - we're all grown here).

1. No talking across the stalls.
I know many of us have a tendency to go to the restroom together. We have things to discuss, garments we need help shifting back to the right position, exit strategies to plan. However, once one enters the bathroom stall conversation should pause until said person returns to the sinks. This way one person does not have to shout to be heard and other ladies in the restroom do not have to be in your private conversations. For once, consider the stranger in the stall in between you and your friend. Trapped on the porcelain trying to handle business while you discuss why you busted the windows out of your boyfriends car last night. * Awkward*

2. Hang up the phone
This goes hand in hand with the no talking across the stalls rule. So aside from the keeping people out of your personal business aspect, we bring all kinds of purses, bags, sometimes cups, in to the restrooms with us. Not to mention the hover, hold skirt up, balance, dance that must take place. How do you have the hands to continue on with a conversation? At some point that phone gets contaminated. If not, you surely run the risk of dropping that thing in the bowl. Plus, it echos. You don't think the person on the other end knows you're in the bathroom. Just tell then you'll call them right back, stow the phone safely, and take care of business.

3. "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat"
Do I need to explain more? Also, if you've gotten all kinds of make up residue in the sink after your afternoon touch up, wipe the sink off too. I know all public restrooms get cleaned by the janitors but they are people too. Be considerate.

4. Dump trash appropriately
If the trash cans are completely full, there is no reason for you to put your towel on the floor. Or the sink. I know your mother taught you that. Most of you anyway use the towel to open the door to get out. Just dump it in the next available trash receptacle and keep it moving. Once again janitors are there to do a job, they are not your maid.

5. Flush, damnit
I'm sure we've all be in a restroom that has a stall that just doesn't quite flush right. But here are a few things you may not know.

A) The toilets with the metal leavers that flush when you press the lever down, will also many times flush when you push the lever up, back or forward. So if pressing down doesn't work try another direction.

B) Automatic toilets ALL have a manual flush option. It's a little button on the back usually near the motion sensor. If it doesn't flush when you get up, just press the button.

Bottom line. Use your common sense, home training, and be courteous to the others who have to come after you.