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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not A Good Look

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Cover it girl....

I'm probably alone in this, but, fellas, unless you are doing a before and after photo for P90x, taking snap shots of yourself topless in the bathroom mirror is not a good look. Every time I see one of those I immediately hear the voice of Right Said Fred singing "I'm too sexy for my shirt..." and the photo looses any sex appeal it was supposed to convey.

So you're probably asking:

1. Well girls do it, so why is it so wrong for men to?
EXACTLY. Girls do it. Let's be honest. It's a part of being a girl, getting dressed up, spending hours in the bathroom to come out looking fabulous. So of course we're going to take pictures. Remember we are the master/inventor of the arm out self portrait. And let's be honest, sometimes no one can take a picture of us, like we can. This is one time the double standard works in our favor.

2. Well how am I supposed to show all of this fineness to the ladies if I don't take it myself?
I'm not saying you can't take it yourself. Use the timer, do the arm out self portrait if you have to, use one of the photos your friend took while you were at the beach or the pool. Just don't prop yourself in front of the bathroom mirror and take it. The position your camera/phone has to be in, in order to get the photo, leaves you positioned in a non-sexy way. Think about it: position your arm here, turn your hips this way, point the flash this way, tilt up, counter is too high..step back.... By the time you're done, the pose is anything but natural. Plus, to me, a man trying to be sexy isn't very sexy at all.

Remember, ladies have the ability to sniff out the sexy. You could have a 3-piece suit on and a woman would be able to tell what you are working with. Trust me. So if you gotta do it, so be it. But in my opinion, male shirtless mirror photos are just honestly not a good look.


D-Redd said...

I think it gives an heir of vanity that is just not cute for a guy/man!

Plus, it can have a 'How you Doin?' effect.

I'm just sayin...

Miss_A said...

@D-Redd.....You said it...... :-D