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I'm not a big gossip person but sometimes.....

The word is 50 has just laid down tracks for his I Get Money remix. Listeners can expect to hear guest verses from Jay-Z and Kanye. Some also say Diddy becuase Kanye may not be released to be on it. Last I heard it was 50, Jigga and the Louis Vuitton Don. Whoever is on it, let's just hope the lyrics dropped will be as 'money' as they claim to be.

The word is Raven Symone (from the Disney Channel's That's So Raven and Olivia from the Cosby Show for us Cosby Kids) is supposed to be having or had a baby. To add more spice, the gossipers are whispering that the baby's father is supposed to be either Omarion or Lil Fiz formly of B2K. Well after checking a bunch of sites, the overall result is this rumor is false. So all can let that lie go. Don't let the high school shows fool you, Ms. Raven is no longer little Olivia. She is 22 years old. So if she was to have a child, she's a very paid, quite grown ass woman. Also, back up off her and her weight bloggers! The world is not a size 2! Girls already have image issues, what's wrong with a role model that breaks the mold? I'm not a fan of the girl by any means, but she is a positive female role model to many young impressionable girls who don't know how to separate gossip from real news. Raven has managed to keep her personal life out of the media and all should respect that.

The word in the beauty shop is that Chris Brown and Gabrielle Union are dating. After doing a little digging, it appears that this rumor surfaced after a comment made in an issue of Giant magazine. Chris states in there something about her making him an indecent proposal. Is it true? Last I knew, Ms. Union was dating her old high school sweet heart, Jason Kidd. Who knows. Newly legal Brown is all over the place and is very much a self-proclaimed "girl crazy" kid. Honestly honey, you may be rather cute, but you're still a child. Please Believe!

The final word is a congratulations shout to my beautiful Common. He has become the first hip-hop artist to have his Finding Forever CD carried at Starbucks. Good way to reach a whole new section of The People.