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11:07 AM |

Watch your words

This morning I was on my way to work listening to one of the more popular radio stations here as I do every morning. I was excited because they were playing one of my favorite Kanye West songs "Through The Wire". Shortly after the song finished my excitement turned to anger and sadness. The DJ's were discussing the circumstances that led Kanye to write that song (his accident and his recovery from it, etc.). Then they proceeded to discuss an accident that happened over the weekend in a very nonchalant manner. The information they gave and the way they were describing the accident let me know that they were speaking of the accident that killed my friend. They were giving information about the accident that I didn't know. Knowing that the accident was bad enough to kill him and put his passenger in a coma is bad. Knowing the details about the accident are worse. Amongst the sideways comments about how stupid it was of him to be speeding and not wearing a seatbelt, and the very casual way they discussed the details of the accident I was upset. I know that it was not their intention to seem callous and disrespectful, but that is how they came off. However, with the accident being as recent and local, they should have taken into account that someone who knew the victims would be listening. And with the amount of information they gave it was easy to figure out what accident they were referring to. I know that I wasn't the only one listening this morning and I just hope that those who were closer to him weren't listening. I can only imagine what they would have felt.

Always be aware of what you are saying. You never know who is listening.