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No seriously chill with this Meeks stuff...

jeremy meeks mug shot
So I'm sure everyone on the planet now has been witness to the mugshot heard 'round the world of 'notorious' pretty boy thug Jeremy Meeks. Along with all the comments from all kinds of women remarking about his modelesque looks and how shameful it is that he's a criminal (along with some probably NC-17 comments about what they'd like to do to him). And I'm also sure you've seen the accompanying posts about how sad and disappointed people are (gotta love the ones directed at black women...I got a whole lot of f-word filled sentences for that...but anyway) that they are saying all these things and going ga-ga over such a bad person. Such deep commentary on the state of the woman's psyche and how she could allow herself to think these things of a guy such as him.


Are you serious? Are you really serious right now? Like I'm sure all of the syphilis filled silicone stacked dumb-diddy-diddy-dumb bubble headed barbies you guys drool over on a daily basis are model citizens. Like you're lusting over a lovely personality and good community service work. Man, get the FOH. Let's just be clear, lust and objectification have absolutely nothing to do at all with the personality. Guys prove that on a daily basis. And that's all that this is. Light-eyed objectification.

BUT AH-HA! The table has turned. It's uncomfortable to think that women can be just as filthy minded as men. Because we're supposed to be attracted to deeper things like honesty and good citizenship. Honestly, most of the comments I've seen have been followed up by or preceded with "damn shame". So these women know he's no good. Doesn't change the fact that most think he's fine. Why should it?

At the end of the day who the fuck cares? Why does it bother people so much that women find this man attractive? Like pretty only comes in good packages. Psh! We all know that about 95-98% or so (give or take) would have no (serious) dealings with this married thug in real life. (But the again I run with smart women....) So why all the vibe killing?? Make you uncomfortable? Thinking of all the objectionable things women may say about you behind your back (or not)? Don't like that? Hmmmmmm?

When the 2-5% of these dumb hoes raise money to get this man out of jail then you complain. If a modeling agency really does think they could profit from this outpouring of interest, by all means talk away, cause I'll be talking right with you. BUT until then, big hand claps to the ladies. Way to let those freak flags fly. Have fun. Objectify and fantasize away.

But I gotta say thank you Facebook for actually setting off a spark to help me write something again. Even if it's dumb as shit.

.....sigh.....I gotta stop cussing......