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When will the roll call for heaven come

Sunrise and sunset. Left and Right. Hot and Cold. Summer and Winter. Young and Old. Day and Night. Life and Death. Yin and Yang. The constant push and pull of life is what keeps everything in balance. One with out the other and neither would hold any value. In a weekend I found myself marveling at the fact that one of my best friends has managed to bring a new life into the world with her husband after many attempts. Amazed by how her mother's body and time in the womb managed to heal the hole that was spotted developing in her tiny heart during one of the earlier ultrasounds. And while I was happy and enjoying how amazing life is, I am now finding myself mourning over the loss of a friend. The friend wasn't a very close one. However we were family by letters. He was close to all around me and thus, in a way, became close to me. While only a few tear drops have managed to escape my eyes today, I am torn apart on the inside. I cry over his untimely passing. He was barley 26. I cry for my friend who has lost his father, and two dear friends in the course of one year. I cry for my brother who has lost a lb and a best friend within the span of 5 months. I cry for my sister who has to be strong for her man, when I know she's dying inside.

As fast as life begins it ends almost even faster. Day after day I find myself just doing nothing. Wasting time. With the knowledge of the fact that my existence can be snatched away in an instant. Many of us do that. But like the yin and the yang we have to find a balance. Find time to stop and smell the roses, while moving and reaching, pushing farther to make this life mean something. We all know that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. I guess it takes actually seeing it happen to really make that statement hit home. But it has to be more than a "damn" moment. At what point do we all stand up and try to make each day count. I don't know. I've lost many people in my life and while I've managed to accomplish a lot, I'm no where near where I want to be. I can be taking advantage of every day more than I do right now.

To my friends I know it hurts. But while their deaths may not seem purposeful, their lives were. And unfortunately it seems that we only see the value a life has when its light has been extinguished. Enjoy the memories you have with them. Miss them whole heartedly. Tell everyone, every day what they mean to you. Don't take any moment, hardship, success, or failure for granted. Try and find forever, as Common says. Live. Love. And as corny as it may sound, Cherish Life.

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