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Yes I am telling. Never has there been a nastier place, than a woman's public restroom. Wonder why it takes women so long in the bathroom? It's because while we have to balance, and aim, we also have to avoid touching walls, pee on the floor, and rim (not to mention trying to put on make up and hold our purse because the counters are too wet and nasty to put it down). Being that we don't necessarily have to 'aim', you would think that there wouldn't be an overwhelming presence of piss on the floor. Or that with the typical woman's OCD regarding men's nastiness in the restroom, they would at least tidy up after themselves. O but you would be mistaken. Perhaps the issue lies with the hovering maneuvers. Being dressed up in those cute little outfits, stiletto heels, makes it a little hard to balance. However, without being too graphic, hovering would place any excess on the rim that could easily be cleaned up afterwards. There is NO excuse for being inconsiderate and just down right nasty. Flush bitches. Wipe up after yourselves. Soap and water were made to help rid you of bacteria and germs. Have faith in your immune system, and if you don't then keep your hypochondriac butt home. And to all those restaurant/bar/fast food workers and owners, please do a more frequent clean up of your facilities. If we all pitch in, using public restrooms can be a pleasant experience for all involved.

OH..and while I'm thinking about it. What is this?
And is it really necessary? Really? Really??


Tony Stark said...

You've solved the mystery for me. I'd heard once before that women have nasty restrooms & never believed it, it didn't make sense to me. Can't ladies use those lil seat covers they provide in restrooms, and if the seats are clean when janitors clean them why not sit the hell down?