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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


7:09 PM |

Just a small plea. Please. Pull up your pants. Why do I want to see your drawers? The answer is I don't. There is nothing attractive about underwear bubbling over the top of your pants. Not boxers. Not tidy-whiteys. And if you go commando....PLEASE.....wear a BELT! There is no need to have the crotch of your pants at your knees. Trust and believe that NO woman believes your boys are hanging that low. It's not to say that you have to go around with your pants around your ears, however, there is a little thing called fit. Do you realize how good men look in clothes that fit? That appear specially tailored to their bodies? Not just suits and dress clothes. All clothes. Clothes that are too big only dwarf you. Make you look short and stocky, fat, and immature. Like a great majority of fashion trends this one originated supposedly in prison. Prisoners wear it low because they are not allowed belts to prevent suicide and murder. Men in prison also wear their pants low supposedly to signify them being spoken for. Taken. Easy access. Get it? Is that really what you're trying to portray? Really? So please. All men. Keep them up. Invest in a belt that actually fits your waist and not your knees.

And I'm sure you already just NIGGAS spelled backwards. Get your mind right.


Tony Stark said...

Where'd you get that saggin' from?