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Saturday, August 4, 2007


8:38 PM |

Finally some ounce of word on the new season of The Boondocks. For those who are unaware, The Boondocks is a cartoon series brought to us via Aaron McGruder. I began reading it when it was in its comic form. Cartoon Network brought it to television through Adult Swim. Since an animated series takes longer to turn around than a comic strip, the content is not as directed to specific political and social issues. However it still covers broader and longer standing issues and is just as socially conscious, politically incorrect, sometimes offensive, and absolutely hilarious as the strip.

Adult Swim has ordered 20 more episodes for season 2. Which was smart of them considering its season 1 debut was the highest ranked series premier in Adult Swim history. It was originally supposed to air in June of this year but, like season 1, was pushed back....all the way to October. Let's just hope they don't push it back to November for sweeps again. This season is supposedly lined with more action sequences. Probably due to production from the Japanese based animation studio Madhouse (fyi the site is in Japanese). There are also supposed to be introducing more characters from the comic strip. I've only heard about the addition of Cindy McPhearson. Sadly once again...NO CAESAR!! I don't really know why they are holding on to his release. Perhaps it's because, in my opinion, he mellows Huey out a little. Either way they have an idea that this series will be around for a while, so my hope is they don't wait too long. Most other sites have listed some of the episodes, some spoilers, but I won't do that here. I'll just post this preview for your enjoyment. Can't wait until October!