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Monday, August 6, 2007

The Definition of Freestyle

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I am drawn to attempt to explain exactly WHAT the word "Freestlye" means. There seems to be much confusion and bastardization of the word lately, so I feel it is my responsibility as a lover of Hip-Hop music to explain the word.

Wikipedia has the word defined as:


improvisational form of rapping, performed with few or no previously composed lyrics, which is said to reflect a direct mapping of the mental state and performing situation of the artist. It is non-scripted, non-rehearsed, uncut, and the rawest form of hip-hop. Artists will often refer to places and objects in their immediate setting. Freestyle rapping forces an individual to think on the spot, describe his or her surroundings, and, to a certain degree, rap uncensored from what is inside. It is similar in this sense to improvisational music or acting and draws comparisons to improvisational Jazz in particular.

So in other words, if you write your verses, your entire song, and spit it acapella or over a beat given to you by a DJ...YOU ARE NOT perping b!%@% a$$! It is bad enough that the children do know what true Hip-Hop is, we do not have to further destroy the fabric of the music.

There should be no questions about what freestyling is or variations on the way you define what it is. IT is what IT is. Understand! Good!


Lawrenorder said...

Say word! Be clear and get it right! Straight off the dome, relative to your surroundings, in the moment. FREE-style.