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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

G.O.O.D. MUSIC with Very Good Beats/Hip Hop Since 1978

8:04 PM |

Thanks to the amazing purchasing with out a job ability of my youngest sister, I'm listening to the much awaited Finding Forever. This album comes on the heels of the highly acclaimed BE which basically raised Common as a hot "new" artist for the MTV crowd. I will say that I have a bias. I have loved this man and his music since forever, even through his "crochet sweater" Electric Circus phase. I'm trying to objectively listen to the album to really see if Common has managed to maintain or improve upon what he has done on BE .

Though I often worry about the potential sell out of artist who get commercial success, I am happy that Common is finally getting some real shine. He has managed to stay true to his style, and his art, and his beliefs and has yet again released an album that reflects them. Amidst the beats submitted by the likes of the late J. Dilla, Will.I.Am and hip-hop's self-proclaimed Louie Vuitton Don Kanye West, Common delivers intelligent lyrics in his trademark unforced, eloquent style.

The album opens with what sounds like a throw back to his Electric Circus days. But don't fear Common fans, it barely 2 min long and blends seamlessly into the first track. The album ends with more beautiful words from his old man. There is even a track that features the much missed neo-soul's thug, D'Angelo. Lilly Allen and his P.I.C. Mr. West also visit a few of the album's tracks. The album is not over saturated with monotonous tracks. Nor is it so deprived of tracks it leaves me wondering why he wasted materials on the production of the album. Each flow seamlessly into one another, and as I listen it's seemingly over just a quickly as it's started (though almost 2 hours have passed), leaving me to return to track one and listen all over again. He tells stories, calls people out, and just speaks to the people. And this is as specific as I'm going to go. Common says a lot on this album. Listen carefully.

Overall this album is a lesson in consistency. Some may thumb their noses at consistency. Why? If you are confident and know who you are, why is it necessary to experiment with superficial trends and styles? How do you create a core audience, gather and maintain a faithful fan base if you are always changing what you're doing? I say consistency is a sign that an artist has truly found his voice. Common is who he is. He took sometime, found his voice again, and he's staying true to himself. He has made it based on a chemist like combination of valuable lyrics, and ingenious beats. I have listened to this album twice since I began writing this and I would like to start the CD again. Good job Common and the G.O.O.D. Music family. Keep it coming!