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Friday, August 17, 2007


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According to, Mr. Shawn Carter, tops their "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list at number one based on his 2006 income alone. He has banked $34 million with his Kingdom Come album sales, his part ownership of the New Jersey Nets, and his endorsements with Budweiser, Hewlett-Packard and General Motors among other ventures. A close second is Mr. I Get Money himself, 50 Cent, who went straight to the bank with $32 million last year (not really sure how is Vitamin Water earnings factor into that number). In third is the man with 1,000 names, but we'll just call him Sean Combs. He earned an estimated $28 million last year. Some others that made the list were Timbaland ($21 million), Scott Storch ($17 million) and Pharrell Williams ($17 million). Read the full article. Or for those of you who don't read, watch the video.


Lawrenorder said...

Point of clarification: Mr. Carter is a minority owner in the Nets, read "very small timer in calling the shots". I honestly feel like it was a positioning move at best and likely a marketing move at worst. Lucky for him the NBA doesn't have owner's association (Jay vs. Mark Cuban for an MLB franchise anyone?-- who am I kidding, they'd probably beg Jay before the Crazy Mavrick gets a team...)

Tony Stark said...

what does she know about basketball?........she's right though.