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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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There has never been a creature that perplexes me as much as man. Not man in the human sense, but man as in men, boy, male. Now this is not a reflection on what men want, or what men are thinking. This is my amazement and my amusement to the extent of what men with do or deal with in respects to dating and women.

There is currently a show on BET (Black Exploitation Television) called Hell Date. For those not familiar with this show here's a brief synopsis: Men and women are set up on the blind date from hell. After going through unnecessary drama with an actor or actress playing the blind date, they are surprised at the end by a little person dressed up as a devil that says "You're on Hell Date". Yes I know, sorry, but let's stay on track.

I only have watched a few episodes and I have only found the ones involving the men as the prankees amusing. Why is it so amusing? Because men blatantly ignore all the signs that they are on a psycho date because the woman playing their date is beautiful. Case 1: Man is on a date with a woman he believes may possibly be a pre-op transsexual. Signs he notices but chooses to ignore: 1. Her sitting with her legs open in the car ride, scratching her clearly visible unmentionables. 2. Her trying on wigs in a wig shop with a crazy look in her eye chanting "I am a pretty girl" while gazing madly into the mirror. 3. A random man approaching her on the street calling her by a dudes name. 4. Her complaining about her nuts hurting after a horse back ride. Are these cues for the man to leave the date early? Captain Obvious says..."YOU ARE A MAN! A MAN! A MAN!!" But in the off side interviews, the man continues to say that he thinks she may be a he but he will ride the date out. I guess he's not sure. He doesn't get freaked out until the fake transsexual tries to hug him with with a massive hard on. THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES FOR YOU (a supposedly straight man) TO WANT TO RUN FOR THE HILLS???? His explanation at the end? Though he was suspicious, she was cute. *shaking head*

Case Number 2 (which by far has to be my favorite): Man on a date with a woman who may possibly be an infected 'woman of the night' know...'street walker'....'coochie for hire'. It's not the fact that the woman is pretending to be a prostitute. Nor is it that one of her usuals shows up on the date and they set up an obvious 'appointment'. It is the fact that she is clearing displaying signs that she either is infected, has been infected, or is just down right dirty. There's no need to point out signs. She's told dude, on a blind date mind you, that she's had many yeast infections (as well as other ones too). So much to the point she carries around ointment with her in her purse. She then proceeds to apply some type of ointment to her lips. I believe she stated it was for the infection. But gets better...She then proceeds to reach in between her legs (in the car) and begins to apply the ointment directly to 'the infected area'. Does this make the man jump from a moving vehicle? Nope. As a matter of fact he lets her spit on his neck and rub it in. Not on one side, but both sides of his neck. Does he hit the bitch in the throat? Nope. He decided to go to dinner and tell her then he doesn't think it'll work. But when she starts to allude to some EXTREME freaky stuff, he almost reconsiders fleeing. Explanation why? Uh...she was cute. (And by the way its the same girl in these two episodes, and really....she's not all that cute to be dealing with like that.)

There are other more real life examples I have seen being single and a teacher. However those real life examples of how beauty affects the brain can be applied to both men and women. Though mostly these days I'm seeing more young men get their heads spun around by crazy, 'pretty' girls. A young man letting a girl dump him, call the police on him, tell the entire student body that he beat her up, but then getting back together after months of insainity. An0ther who let his girl pull him into academic probation because she's got his nose so wide open he can't do his school work. Or even another who got a girl pregnant, married her, only to find out she was giving 'massages' while he was home taking care of the kids, supporting a household. Their rationale...usually involves, she was cute.

Gentlemen please. It's hard enough defending you to some of my man hating friends. Is there anything you won't do for a "pretty girl"? How far crazy does a chic have to be before you step back? I know the world can be a lonely place, but at some point self-preservation has to kick in. Both men and women need to set some higher standards for themselves. Exterior beauty fades. Crazy is forever.