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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breaking Point

12:05 PM |

When enough is enough...

We all know that at some point, someone in your life (friends, family, coworkers, etc) will do something that is just not a good idea. Make a decision that is not in their best interest. Hang out with someone that is up to no good. And you, as the good friend, are supposed to be there for them. Lend them an ear if need be. Give good, honest, sound advice when asked. That's what a good friend is supposed to do right?

I mean if you see some in the middle of traffic and an 18 wheeler is about to hit him, you'd yell out, right? That's your duty as a kind and just human being. However sometimes, no matter what you tell a person, or what factors you give them to consider, they're still going to walk out in front of that mac truck. Some of your friends still have the general motors logo impression on their hip from the last time they got hit by that same truck.

If you keep walking your silly self into traffic, how many times do you really expect your friends to keep feeding you green jello when they visit your broken self in the hospital? How many times can they strain their back dragging you to safety? How many times do you expect your friends to either a) sit idly by while you be a jackass or b) constantly try to help you out and be ignored?

As a friend what do you do? Constantly give advice only to always be ignored? Just be an ear to listen when you know what you're hearing is foolishness? Wait until ish hits the fan and be there to help clean up when asked? What do you do?

At some point your friend will get tired of your foolishness. They'll get tired of being dragged into traffic with you. Tired of having to pick up the pieces. Tired of being ignored. They'll realize that you are not the person they need to spend an good amount of time with. And you will be the one out there to fix it yourself.

Everyone has their limits.