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Friday, April 8, 2011

Acting Right

The 'drop-bye'....

There are all kinds of surprises. Surprise parties. Surprise gifts. Surprise engagements. And surprises can be great. However, I do not believe that dropping by someone's place is a great surprise. I don't care how excited and jovial you are when I open the door.

It is not appropriate for you to just show up, unannounced at someone's house. It's just rude. People have lives. Places to go. Things to do. Even on their days off, they may not be as available as you would think. Just because a person isn't doing anything, doesn't mean they want to spend that day with you.

If you do just randomly drop by and the person actually decides to entertain you and your inconsiderate self, you can not impose any expectations on that visit. You can't expect them to be ready to roll out with you. You can't expect them to entertain you. You can't expect them to feed you. You can't expect them to drop what they are doing to now sit and be with you. You should take whatever attitude or response you get and be happy with it.

Even if you roll up on something TOTALL INAPPROPRIATE. It's your fault. Remember, you weren't supposed to be there in the first place.