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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yo.....Can I Holler Atchu For A Sec?

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Why I don't approach or chase....

So I got a question a while back: Why don't women approach the men? Well, my answer is simple: Cause.

There are plenty of women out there chasing down guys. Some are quality. Some are scary. If you want that in your life, you be that docile man waiting on your princess charming to come take you away on her white horse... *pats the pitiful man's shoulder*....

I think it should be the man's responsibility to approach the woman he's interested in. I mean all these magazine and movies got these girls stressing, dressing, stretching, practicing, to be that 'perfect' woman for you. The least you could do is show her you appreciate it. So go holler. That's what you're made to do. Now don't get me wrong, I understand that it's hard to go up to these girls and (sometimes) just get shot down over and over. It's not a easy thing to do for many of you. I'm sure you think girls have it easy to wait on the guy to come talk to them. But how easy it is if you're never approached? Think about that chic. Always out, never approached. Always cute, never hollered at. Always smiling, always alone. You still think it's easy to just sit there? Never being asked hurts worse than always being told no.

For the sake of argument, let's play it out. A woman approaches you and whispers:

Ay, yo cutie. I couldn't help but to notice you standing over here all fine and what not. *looks you up and down* Yo, where ya girl at? O, you ain't got no girl? How someone that looks like you ain't got no girl? *stares at your 'lil man'* dunno, huh? Well, I was wondering...*sniff*sniff*...can I call you sometime?

That's sexy? That's what you want?

I know, I know. That's just a wrong way of doing it. And you fellas only want to feel attractive and appreciated like the girls do.

Now I'm going to preface what I think with a small disclaimer. I know it's not 100% right. I know that there are always exceptions. But this is why I don't approach men, old fashioned or not. For me, if I have to approach I'm already starting to take a lead role. And once I have that lead role you are not going to get it back. The last thing I want in a potential hook-up, man or whatever is to feel like he's a punk in any way. And if you let me run things, then I run you, and you are now my bia. And that's not what I want. Not to say that you waiting on a girl to approach is a punk move, but..... no...wait... that's what I'm saying. Go holler at that girl! If I'll be expected to wash your drawers and push out your big headed baby the least you can do is ask me for my number. Man up!