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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sexed Simple

12:25 PM |

Dick Dumb and P***y Punch-Drunk...

Let's just be honest here. If you are smacking bellies with someone, attempting to smack bellies with someone or thinking (plotting) about smacking bellies with something, you are not in your right mind. And unfortunately, 85% of the major (or even sometimes minor) decisions you will make will be ill-advised.

Why ill-advised? Because the thought making power is no longer in your head. It's in your heart (and other places). And we all know that the heart has crazy persuasion techniques. (The other places just hold you at gun-point and make you do what they want). Those two can take a sane person and make them crazy. Take a logical person and make them irrational. So you have to be aware that any decision you make in this state could seriously be biased.

Think I'm off? Even those of you in a serious relationship have at some point or will at some point have to make a decision that could impact your relationship. Often, you have, or will, turn down opportunities that are good for you in favor of what is perceived as good for both. Sometimes, the decision is so minor that it's no big deal. Other times, it has been a major deal. Sometimes it works out, and other times it doesn't. And if things didn't, or don't work out, you're now somewhere, often times, regretting your decisions.

As hard as it may be at some point, your head and your heart are going to have to really have a serious conversation in which you're head has to make your heart listen. Though you'll never really be sure of what to do, you can do your best to be aware of what's driving your decision making.

Until then, all you p***y whipped, dick dumb, relationship reckless, ding-dongs be careful with whom you share your thoughts with. Some one may just burst your heart shaped bubble.