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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Victim of the Game

12:32 PM |

Just some thoughts for my girls...

So you thought you met a good guy. You go out, he calls, says all the right things and you think, "you know what...I think I kinda dig this dude". And it happens. Your guard starts to come down, and now you've gotten caught up in the game. And before you know it, Mr. Good-Guy becomes, Mr. Typical. He got you, now he's gone.

Ladies, you have to really start giving guys more credit. They are not as dumb and society wants us to believe. Many of them are very cunning and quite manipulative. They know just what to say, do, wear and who to be, to help them accomplish whatever goal or plan they have in mind for you.

A guy's mind is like an app store. If their goal is to get as many numbers as they can for that night, they have a plan for that. If their goal is to get a little cutty, they have a plan for that. They have a game plan to approach the unapproachable woman in the corner with her wing girl. They have a plan to approach the cute one in a group of gorillas. They have a plan to scoop up the hot mess drunk girl at the bar. They have plan to get the girl who's just out to have a good time. Bottom line, they have a plan to get you.

I think women, especially the strong, independent, good girl types, don't believe that they can be sucked up by the game. When in actuality, it happens to them more than they are willing to admit. And while guys like a sure thing, they LOVE a challenge. Many will hang on longer than normal just to see if they can win. And once they've got you, they got you.

A true man, when he realizes what he has, will stop playing these games and show himself. The rest will continue to drive long after the foul was called. What you have to be able to do is recognize the game players and suit up to play too. And if you get got, then just give it up to the game. And when you've lost too many times to count and you're ready to just give up on the game, look to the stands, I'm sure there's a fan that's been there waiting to meet you.