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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not A Good Look

11:30 AM |

"I sent that bitch a smiley face, bitches love smiley faces".......

I'm sorry but I really hate to see a man on a cell phone. I'm not just talking abut doing some business, or checking voicemail or making appointments or things of that nature. I mean when I see a man glued to his blackberry, chatting it up with his boys or texting like a high school teenager.

Since when did it become cute for a man to be huddled up in the corner whispering into his phone? And at 6:30am? Who are you talking to?? I've always been bothered by a very chatty man. I just don't really find that attractive. But more and more these days I just see everyone from business men to 'yo' boys strolling down the block yacking away to the mystery person on the other end of the line. (My Aunt's definition of 'yo' boys: The dudes on the block with the pants off their butts shouting 'yo, yo, yo' all day).

Please fellas, understand that excessive texting and cell phone use in public for purposes other than business tends to make you look very feminine. Because of this, I encourage the women in your lives to be conscious of your current location and try not to pin you on the phone for hours on end when you're out in public taking care of business. Ladies, if you need to see what time he's picking you up, or a quick text to say hi or whatever, that's cool. In short, fellas, save all that conversation about baby-mama drama, silly chics you split the night before, game-time discussion and pillow talk for the home and in person. Cause doing all of that out in public is just not a good look.