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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Questions

12:28 PM |

What you don't know could hurt...

I've always found it interesting that many people spend years together or get married, only later to realize that they have virtually nothing in common with the person that was supposed to be their soulmate. Sure they may both like rainy days, chocolate and the color purple, but what else do they have in common. Why is it that people don't talk about the real stuff until it's too late?

I know that in the beginning of a relationship you tend not to want to be bogged down with the serious side of life. Things are great when a relationship is new. The flowers smell sweeter, sky is bluer, them farting in front of you is funny and cute. But when the flowers are dry and the weather turns cold, will those small things keep you warm?

At some point, couples need to have the tough conversations and make smart observations. How does he/she handle their finances? How do they handle conflict? What are their views about raising kids? What does it take for them to be happy and comfortable in their skin, with their life? Do they have goals in life? While these questions in the beginning don't really matter, if the relationship grows, these could be deal breakers. And though some opinions can be changed, no one should go into any relationship thinking they can manipulate the other into bending to their will.

Though they may say love is blind, they never said it was deaf, mute or dumb. Even a blind man has a walking stick to keep him from bumping into doors or walking out into traffic....