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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ask A Black Girl

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  1. confessdbgirl

    Why do tall dudes always check short chicks?! I mean do you like bending over to kiss your date... hmmmmm.

    So my mind went to three different places when I got this question so follow me on my train of thought:

    One: It's not so much about bending over, as it is about physical versatility. I mean why do you think they make short, petite girls the tops of the cheerleading pyramids and the flyers. Short chics give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'smack it up, flip it...." well, you can finish the rest.

    Two: In all seriousness, I think it could be a part of the male need to feel like a protector and provider. The height difference can provide a sense of security and protection for the women. And this is something I think a lot of men like to be able to do for their women. Since most women today have just as much as men, if not more, being a traditional 'provider' isn't as necessary as it was before. For a short girl you can be a provider in new ways. Like, provide access to the high shelves.

    Three: Besides, it takes a strong man to date a woman, period. And truthfully many are just punks and intimidated by a woman who can stare him down.

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Professor Locs said...

I think this has relevance event for same sex dating. I rarely dated guys taller than me but I am 6'3" lol.

I also never liked dating someone who I felt I could not take in a fight...laugh.

Loving your post as usual.