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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not A Good Look

It's called a comb, invest it one...

Black women, please hear me. You MUST...STOP...strolling public venus in your head scarf, rollers, and house shoes. I don't care if you're just running to the store real quick, about to get it done or hell even going to your own mailbox. Take 2 seconds, and take the scarf off and put on some real shoes. You don't even have to comb the wrap down (but you do have to take the silver pins out). This look is not cute!

If it's not done, put it in a pony tail. If it's too short for a pony tail either get some gel and slick it down or go buy a hat. Do what ever it is you have to do so you're not roaming the streets looking like a field hand from Roots.

And this also goes for the leggings and the too small t-shirts on the behinds that don't need to be in spandex as well. Put it all together and you got a hot mess just click-clacking all around the grocery store. Meanwhile, I gotta stand there in the line embarrassed cause the uppity 'others' are looking at me like - get your girl - when they clearly don't understand that we don't all know each other. Your mama should have taught you better and if she didn't let me just tell you that all of that is just NOT A GOOD LOOK!