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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Know Your Role: The Jump-Off

11:00 AM |

"My jump-off is not insecure or jealous..."

It has been a good 2 years since the last installment of the know your role series. This time we are back to discuss the rules of engagement for the jump-off. For this role it is vitally important for all those involved to be aware of your position and play them accordingly, because this is probably, by far, the most misinterpreted and dangerous role. Therefore, I'll be as direct as possible.

As a jump-off you must understand fully that you are NOT the girlfriend/boyfriend and should not be expected to be treated as such. You are not required to listen to any conversation that expands beyond either a) pillow talk or b) hook up arrangements. You are not required to buy you any gifts or celebrate any holidays with each other. You are not required to spend a scheduled amount of time with each other. (In other words be ready when needed but don't expect to be called in.) You are not required to go out to eat together unless it part of the pre or post hook-up ritual. (Please be advised having extended contact with your jump-off outside of the bedroom can lead to a development of feelings and generate a potential for future complications.)

Both participants in this arrangement must be conscious not to overstep their boundaries. Remember, he is not your man and she is not your woman. Neither should engage in behaviors that would lead the other to believe that they are anything other than a jump-off. Failure to comply with these regulations could lead to property damage, a waste of tax payers dollars and unnecessary aggravation.

Because of the nature of this position, it is imperative that those wishing to apply and those reviewing applications, do not accept those with insecurities. This will help reduce the possibility of jealousy issues that often occur within this position. It is also to be understood that your jump-off has the ability to freelance and accept other contract jobs. There is no binding contract to you.

Those deciding to accept the position of the jump-off must do so with the understanding that their time in this position can be a short one. This position is easily filled and turns over quite frequently, so it is also very important that security procedures are followed to the letter and appropriate background checks are performed before hiring. On very rare occasions, some jump-offs have been successful and making the transition to the girlfriend. However, those deciding to accept the jump-off position must be aware that this type of advancement is not guaranteed.

Remember, no role is permanent. Just make sure your behavior gets you a promotion and not the pink slip.