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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


What are you holding on to?

During the new year seasons (my birthday and christmas), I feel a need to start over and try something else. You know, hit the proverbial restart button. So, at least twice a year I the 'new me' process starts by me going through the motions of getting rid of all this CRAP I have around my house. However it seems like no matter how much I purge, how much I give away, how much I throw out, I still have so much STUFF! And I get stuck. I return to my same routine and never finish what I set out to do. And I started to think...

How can you start anew when you are still hold on to so much stuff? As I began to put things I forgot I had and never use back into bins and boxes to keep, I had to stop and ask myself why I am still holding on to this stuff. Often there are things that we hold on to for a reason we don't consciously know or refuse to acknowledge, that prevent us from moving on. Look around your space. What are you holding on to that you really don't need anymore?

And it doesn't have to be literally stuff. Some of us are holding on to partners, friends, jobs, even family that we really don't need to have in our lives anymore too. But until we're able to figure out why we're holding on to these 'things', we'll never be able to get rid of them. Ultimately, this leaves us stuck.

This weekend I found out my reason. Ask yourself, what's yours....


D-Redd said...

So what it is? Please share (offline).

You are so very right. Sometimes even when we acknowledge the fact that 'the stuff' is painful, has run its course, or is just not healthy, we still hold on.

There is comfort in the known versus the unknown of letting go and pursuing/opening ourselves to something new.

Tis the season though and a physical relocation is a perfect opportunity to 'clean house'.