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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look Out For:

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The Taker...

We all know that every relationship involves a bit of give and take from both people involved. Sometimes individual wants will need to be compromised in order to fullfil the needs of the unit. But, if you stop for a minute, you may notice you're the one always giving in.

The Taker is very good at what they do. They have an excellent game. If they didn't, many of us would sniff out their digging ways quickly. Takers will often give you just enough to make you think that the relationship is even, when it really isn't. They'll distract you with good sex or affection or other things to take your mind off the fact that they're just no-good. Now many people associate Takers with gold-diggers. That's a shallow way of thinking. Today Takers want more than just your money. Takers want your time, your self-esteem, your dignity, your pride, your goals, your soul.

The Taker will monopolize all of your time, while giving none of theirs. For example, if you've ever called up the person you are seeing when they are busy and they don't come to you, but if they call you they throw a fit when you don't drop everything - that's a sign. Takers will always expect gifts for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions but your gift is never even remotely comprable (if you receive one at all).

And while we're on this gift thing: Fellas. I know many of you like sex. But sex is not an acceptable 'gift' when you've just drop tons of money on a Valentine's Day gift, birthday gift, etc. No matter how freaky it is. Get your standards up! That's how girls get over.

Takers will argue you down in public, make you worry about unnecessary things when you need to be focused on your business, take you away from family and friends to separate you from some of your strength and support, try to make your world exist only because of them. A Taker only truly values their own wants and needs and as long as you can give them what they want they'll continue to stay with you.

If you do find out you are with a Taker, be prepared to fight to cut them loose. Takers don't go down easily. They can be some of the most vindictive and manipulative people out there. Cut them off completely. Make sure there is no longer a way for that Taker to get in. Be strong.

Relationships should not be blinding. Take some time. Keep your eyes open. Pay attention to the signs. Remember a person will always reveal their true selves. You just have to be watching to see it.