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Friday, August 26, 2011

Acting Right

12:00 PM |

The weekend is here. For many of you that means it's time to hit the clubs. Before you head out best dressed like a million bucks, let's discuss how to behave at a club or party (these rules apply to both).

Rules for the Ladies:

#1. Be respectful.
It is important to remember to be respectful when denying dances and advances from men. Unless that man gets rowdy with you, there is no need for you to jump off rowdy with him. Even if he does get ignorant, just find your group and walk away. No need to let a sorry man ruin your good time or take you to a less than lady like place.

And just so you are aware, protocol dictates that when you refuse a dance or a drink from one man, it is improper to immediately accept a dance or drink from another man. Not saying just because you deny one you can't accept from another the whole night. Just don't bounce the guy on the left to get with the guy on the right.

#2. Hold your liquor.
If you can't drink, don't drink. I'm all for going out, getting 'nice' and having a good time, but it is sooo not cute to be the sloppy girl in the club. Too much alcohol only leads to foggy memories of late nights, regrettable early mornings and vomit on your shoes.

#3. If you don't want to be there, then don't be there.
There's nothing worst in the club to be the girl with the shit face on the entire night. Hating on every song the DJ plays. Not dancing. Not drinking. Just out there on the floor being miserable. If you got to the club and it didn't turn out the way you expected it to, then leave and go somewhere else. If you don't feel like going out that night, it's better to just stay home. If you hate the clubs, then don't go to the clubs.

#4. Don't be a tease.
Ladies, boo'd up or single, often like to go to the clubs just to get out. We want to dance, drink, listen to good music and hang with the girls. What's important to remember is that 99% of the time, that's not why guys are in the club. They are there to see you ladies. Holla at you ladies. And if things go well, smash you ladies. If you are out just to have a good time or are already taken, don't spend the whole night with 1 guy dancing, accepting drink after drink, being all sexy-flirty on the dance floor. He's spent the whole night trying to get something to pop off with you when there was no chance. Don't do that.

Rules for the Fellas:

#1. Be respectful.
If you get turned down, let it be. Even if the girl is rude to you. Just push on. There are way too many chics out there for you to waste your time getting fresh with this lame chic. The only girls who don't like a well-put together, smooth man are chics you don't need to be dealing with.

#2. Ask a girl to dance, don't just pounce on the booty.
It doesn't even have to be a verbal asking like back in the day. Most will settle for eye contact, head nod and a frontal approach. Nothing is worse than having a 220 pound, sweaty unknown man suddenly grind his junk all on your, back breathing hot Hennessy breath on your neck. And if all you can do is grind, you can't dance boo-boo. If a girl moves away when you start all that, don't keep pulling her back. You may just get smacked. Remember rule #1.

#3. Don't be a looky-loo.
Just as you hate girls with the shit face on all night, we hate guys that post up at the wall and stare you down all night. I'm not talking just standing and not dancing. I'm talking about straight up stare down. Never approaching. Never buying a drink (not even another for yourself). Just standing up against the wall, sipping through the stirrer, watching. If all you want to do is drink and stare at the T&A - go to the strip club.

#4. Have a good time.
Nothing is more attractive than a man who's out enjoying himself. Laugh. Dance. Drink. Get silly. Have fun.

Those are just a few rules to consider before you nights out this weekend. As always: Respect yourselves. Respect each other. Put good in and you'll get good out. ♥