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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Are Not My Daddy

2:39 PM |

Not calling you that either...

Riding back to my house today after work the oh so lovely local radio station decided to play that song 'Wetter' by Twista. If you're not familiar with the song be thankful, there is basically a woman singing:

"I'm callin' ya daddy, daddy
Can you be my daddy, daddy
I need a daddy, daddy
Won't you be my daddy, daddy"

Ok. I have a daddy. And even if I didn't have a daddy, there is no reason I even want to think of him know...all of that is going down. That's incest. Get that patriarchal meat. *shudder* That's sexy??? The only way you'll get me to call a man I'm with daddy is if I'm talking to my kids about their daddy. And only when I talk to the kids that are say under 10. Outside of that....not gonna happen.

That does it for you fellas? A grown-ass woman whispering give it to me daddy in your ear? What the fuck?

And while I'm at it, don't call me mommy either. I will never be your mommy. Don't want to be. I don't find that cute, sexy, hot, none of that. How about we leave the parents out of our bedroom all together. Not even pictures. Cause even with the lights off...there eyes will be there.....

I'm just saying....