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Saturday, August 6, 2011


7:58 PM |

No one wants complete honesty...

Most people will say that when they're looking for a mate, one of the key things that person must be is honest. And while there is a great beauty in pure, unadulterated honesty, we all know that we honestly don't want to hear everyone's honest thought, opinions and comments.

Ladies, can you imagine what you actually may hear if your man was completely honest with you all of the time? Think of all the questions you ask him:

Do these pants make me look fat?
Didn't you have fun at my mom's house?
Isn't my new hair cut cute?

If the answer is no, I doubt you really want to hear it. I mean of course you'll say you do.....but...really. Come on now.

Fellas, same goes for you. Think of all the questions you ask your girl:

Whose is it?
Do you like it?
Did you c.....?

Do you really want to you?......Cause we really can tell you.....

Didn't think so.

Really what people want out of their mate is trust. The two are not mutually exclusive so by asking for a trustworthy person you'll ultimately get some honesty there. When you ask for trust you can believe that when it's appropriate to be honest they will be. Trust that when they're not honest, it is about the little things, done so to prevent offending the one you love or hurting feelings. Trust that when they are honest that they're not doing so to be mean or rude, that it's only for your benefit. I think that's what I'd prefer. Because everyone can be honest, doesn't mean they're all trustworthy.