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Sunday, August 7, 2011


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And do something...

Black people I'm tired. I'm tired of all the talking. All the complaining. All the 'planning'. All the 'demanding'. All the rhetoric. All the promises. All the colloquialisms. I'm tired of 'Fighting the Power'. Tired of being 'Black and Proud'. I'm tired of holding my fist in the air. I'm tired of fighting the war or drugs. Tired of pulling up my struggling black brothers. Tired of all the conferences. Broke from the conventions. Worn out from donating my time. Exhausted and feet swollen from marching.

Where are we going?

Black people: Stop with the marches. We've marched for black men. We've marched for black families. We've marched for black women. We've marched for hunger. Marched for Aids. Marched for dimes. Marched for the Coby show. We've taken the concept of the historic March on Washington and bastardized it's meaning by marching for the sake of marching.

Now you can say you're doing all of this to raise awareness, but raise it to whom? Everyone who's in attendance knows what the problems are. When are you, as the supposed leaders, going to take all of this momentum, all of this rhetoric, all of these words and do something about it? When are we going to stop talking about our problems and do something?

We're all aware. We all know what the problems are. We no longer need to 'shine a light' on ANYTHING. We need to make some solid plans and execute them. We need to determine what our official end game will be. We need some freaking realistic and tangible GOALS. With out those we'll be marching around in circles for the rest of eternity.

So I'm sorry. If you don't plan on doing anything more than talking, I need for you to really shut up. Stay off the networks. Get off my radio programs. Don't send me emails. I can't get behind another rally. Another march. Another protest. I'm not buying anymore fucking buttons. No more bumper stickers. No more bootleg t-shirts. It's time to get our shit together and fucking DO SOMETHING.


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