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Friday, June 24, 2011

Love Is Not Blind

12:00 PM |

It's just ignorant....

Love is not blind. You saw that person when you first met them. You saw something to make you go over and start up a conversation. You see that person almost every day. You see what they do almost every day. You see how they act towards you and other people. You see everything everyone else sees and more. So love is not BLIND!

Love is ignorant. Love makes you ignore your partners faults. It makes you dismiss inappropriate behavior. It makes you accept things you would normally not let anyone else get away with. It mutes the little voice of reason inside. And while sometimes, the ability to ignore the little things is what makes love great, it's also what allows 'love' to go so bad.

Now there's no need to discuss how good love is here, because most people who use the phrase 'love is blind' are not doing so in a positive situation. It's only applied when things are bad. Just another way of passing the responsibility. It's what people use to dismiss inadequacies, flaws, and overall incompatibilities in their mates. It's what people use to explain how people could be married to serial killers and not be aware. It's what people use to justify staying in an abusive relationship. It is probably one of the biggest cop-outs of personal responsibility EVER!