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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Are Black Women So Angry?

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Some thoughts on the question...

I always get annoyed when I hear Black men say they can't deal with a Black woman because she's always so angry. As if many of us don't have the right to get angry from time to time. I mean, a Black man can be angry because of course he has it hard in life. Racial profiling, unlawful arrests, oppression, unfair hiring practices, stereotyping, etc. It's hard out there for a brother.

But brother have you forgotten that while your bodies were being broken down by labor, whips and chains our bodies were being ravaged and destroyed from the inside out? Have you forgotten who was with you on those picket lines, at those lunch counters and marching at your side? Have you forgotten who was left in charge running the home when you were unjustly taken away? Have you forgotten who holds you down when you're broken down by the system? Have you forgotten how much we've loved you flaws and all when you've sometimes treated us like shit?

And we're not supposed to be mad when you disown us, disrespect us and disavow your children or anything and everything we've done or been to you. Bitch please.

No one questions why you're so angry. How dare you even open up your mouths to ask us why we're so angry. We've been through what you've been through and had do to it all with bearing the responsibilities of being a woman. We acknowledge your struggle, so don't disvalue ours.


Don said...

So, are you saying that Black women have a right to be hostile?

Miss_A said...

I'm not saying we should be hostile, but I'm saying we have a right to our anger. I think only when our anger gets dismissed as irrational, undeserved or inappropriate that the anger turns hostile.

Don said...

Okay, I kinda see what you're saying.

A woman's anger shouldn't go dismissed because it could lead to hostility.


Anonymous said...

Only YOU can make yourself angry. All of us have reasons to be angry but guess what, the reason why this 'stereotype' exists is because it is true. From east coast to west coast 9 out of 10 black women you approach will NOT smile and be rude for you with ZERO provocation. Sorry that you choose not the accept that fact.

UNTIL YOU DO, you will continue to have issues at work, in public, and in the dating arena. Its pure fact that over 75% of black women in America are single. Stop hating mixed race or light skinned girls. I see this EVERYWHERE. I bet if you walked with a smile and CHOSE to be happy and stand tall, you will see your life improve. You have only yourself to blame for your attitude. Will you change it?

Miss_A said...

I think it's interesting to see how people correlate anger to outward hostility. If you really read my post, no where in there do I say that Black women have a right to be rude or evil to anyone. What I am saying is, I have the right to all of my emotions - my sadness, my happiness and yes my anger, with out it being dismissed as trivial or 'typical'. If you think my article was saying that black women have the right to be rude or hostile, you should read it again.