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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not A Good Look

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The call then text then call again...

Look. If you call someone and they do not pick up, it does not give you cart blanche to being to text, IM, call again, text again (lather, rinse and repeat). Unless it is an emergency, I seriously doubt your entire world will crumble to pieces if you don't talk to them this very instant.

Just because someone does not pick up doesn't mean they are avoiding you. It doesn't mean they are mad at you. It doesn't mean they don't like you. It doesn't mean you've done something wrong. It doesn't mean they're doing something wrong. They could simply be on the toilet.

While it's not a good look on either gender, it's a really bad look when it's coming from a guy. No woman wants to get it in with a guy that calls one time and then within 5 seconds of not getting an answer send a text to say 'oh what you're avoiding me now?' Really...really dude? That quite honestly just shows how deeply insecure you are and insecurity is a terrible look. You have now entered into the realm of being a bug-a-boo and while they may not have been avoiding you before, they probably will start avoiding you now.

And just because you call someone over and over and can't ever seem to get them on the phone doesn't necessarily mean they don't want to talk to you. One of my good friends I call all the time. If she could imbed her phone in her chest she probably would. But do you think I can get this girl on the phone when I call her. NOPE. Not often. But I know she's not mad at me. She'll just call me when she can.

And that's what most people will do. Call back when they are available or ready to talk. So be easy. Now if you call, and call and THEN never get a call back. should probably just stop calling.


Professor Locs said...

You are right this is not a good look. And yes gender is a factor even for gay boys. If someone is not immediately responding you do not have to launch into cell phone

Great Post!