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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not A Good Look

3:24 PM |

Those leg-booty-shape-up shoes....

While I'm 'taking a break' from finishing up my last minute lesson planning I thought I'd go ahead and address this week's issue: those horribly chunky booty shaping shoes. When I first saw the commercial for them I Figured they'd disappear pretty quickly. However soon after there were more, from other companies and I It wasn't until I saw entirely too many people this past week with them on and I just must say something.

Please people, these shoes are not cute. Well let me rephrase. There is one brand out there that is too ugly. You've seen them. The ones with an entire Goodyear tire on the bottom. The Herman Monster shoe. Yea, you know them. Those should not be worn! There are plenty of other makes and models out there that promise to do the same thing without shouting to the whole world 'I'M TRYING TO MAKE MY BUTT LOOK CUTE!'

And really it kinda makes you seem a bit...I don't know...susceptible to the propaganda. I mean all products suck each of us in one way or another. But to me this just seems like another excuse for people not to really work out. I mean do you see them on those trim ladies walking trails? No you see them on the middle aged soccer mom's in the grocery store rocking their mom jeans and 80's perms. Granted the idea that you can build even more of a work out into your everyday routine is a good idea. And some of the other shoes are kinda cute. But please stop with the big uglies, cause those shoes are just not a good look.