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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Top 5 Reasons It's Better Partying at 25+

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...not a forward, just my own thoughts

5. House parties have turned into "get togethers" and that usually means BYOL (Bring your own liquor) and food! By this age you have should some true friends that will actually stay after or return the next day to help you clean up after a party at your house.

4. If you party like we party, the host/hostess after the party gets to keep the liquor. Big BONUS! Of course you're free to take your bottle, but people will look at you crazy. It's the least the guest can do after they've wrecked the house and used up all your toilet paper.

3. Most of your friends are too grown and have too many responsibilities to get completely trashed when you go out. Since you all usually meet up somewhere, all people are responsible for getting themselves home which kinda eliminates the need for a designated driver. And we all know being a DD with a bunch of drunks is no fun. If they do get smashed, they have their own home to go back to even if you have to take them. Usually they have a significant other to come get them.

2. Most of the clubs for you have ample space, seating not reserved exclusively for VIP's, and AIR CONDITIONING (what a concept). Some even serve food. So that means you can party and chill and not worry about sweating out your "perm".

And the number 1 reason for partying when your 25+

1. You probably won't be dodging or running from bullets at the end of the night!!!